Ara Mina and Michelle Branch

I’m reposting some of the double vision posts from my old blog:

Local Filipino actress Ara Mina and Michelle Branch.

Orginally posted 3 years ago, they both look different now but I still see the similarity sometimes. Ara Mina actually came up with an album last year that looked like a cover from one of Michelle Branch’s albums. She’s much much fairer now compared to that picture. I’m not a fan of either of them but I’d more likely be a fan of Michelle than Ara.

Dining room decors

I’ve been thinking about the concept for our small dining area in the house. The whole house is still in the works as the landlord still has their ugly sofa set in the living room. I’m thinking of taking a few pictures and displaying some of our favorite food on one of the walls. There’s something off though, I just can’t seem to put my finger on it.


You have to speak in Chinese lah

I have been in Singapore for almost a month now. Things are doing ok. I don’t have a job and sometimes it frustrates me to not have money to spend but then again, I prefer not to work. So I’m actually not looking for a job. What’s the plan, you say? Dunno yet. The only plan right now is to use the free time to make up a plan. Call it an indefinite planning session period.

Believe it or not, I’m not even bored yet. I spent the first 2 weeks without TV or internet and I survived. I tried to focus on domestic stuff like doing the laundry, cleaning the house, cooking for the hubby, washing the dishes. But now I have internet and 24 hours is just not enough. 2 weeks ago, Jorey could live without lifting a finger coz I could do all the chores, but with the internet in place, he’s had to do some of the chores already.

Singapore is an interesting place to live in because the racial mix is so varied. One of the major challenges for us is trying to communicate. A lot of people speak in english – but it’s an english I can hardly comprehend. It’s funny because when we ride a taxi, oops I mean cab (in singapore pronounced as /keb/), and we want to go to Orchard road, just to make it easy for the driver and for us as well, we’d say “Uncle, can you take us to Ohlchad (Orchard).” – cause if you said Orchard, they’d go “Wha??” Ikea also has a different name here. You’d have to tell the driver to bring you to ikya (like dikya without the d). Once, we told the driver to bring us to I-key-ah and we spent a few minutes trying to explain where we wanted to go. When the driver finally understood we wanted to go to Ikea, he corrected us by saying “because you don’t say I-key-ah, it’s ikya. Ok!

We live on the 4th floor of a condominium building. In singapore there’s this (weird for me) way of hanging your laundry. People hang their laundry outside their window, in the the free air, even if they are at the penthouse of the building. One day I was wondering, what happens if our laundry gets blown off. Where should I look for it? And sure enough, when I got home, our laundry was blown off. I looked out the window and found my favorite fleece sea green blanket now hanging neatly at the unit on the second floor. I tried retrieving it but there was always no one home. So fast forward to today. I decided to pay the 2nd floor a visit. I knocked and a lady was saying from behind the door “haaa? haaaa?” like a typical chinese lady you would imagine from the scenes of old jackie chan movies or from that poor village in Kung fu hustle. I said: “Hi! Good morning! We’re the tenants from 4th floor and was wondering if you’ve seen our blanket.” She replied to me in relatively good english “You have to speak in Chinese.”
So I said “Blanket?… Green?… blown off?… you see?” She just said “Sorry no english.” But her English was actually pretty good. Errr. So that’s the end for my favorite green fleece blanket. Rest in peace and may you not give warmth to those people living in the second floor because they don’t rightfully own you.

Jorey and Noee


So there. After all that trouble with the preparations, finally we’re hitched. I must say it was all worth it. If you know what you want and you know what you can do without, then you can have the wedding of your dreams. Mine was just that – the wedding of my dreams. It was beautiful! Everything was beautiful!

All the suppliers were worth it. (Save for the OTD probably, but then again, I think this was her first big wedding. Nevertheless, she did pretty ok. If our wedding could help her get more clients, then good for her. I hope she also got a lot of XP from our wedding.)

The reception setup was a surprise from Irma. We just talked about what I wanted which was the lanterns and I specified the cake and from there they did the whole setup. I didn’t have any idea how it was going to look until we entered the reception. I was like “Wow! Yehey!”

I probably had the best looking entourage. They all prepared for the wedding and made sure they looked their best. It was pretty expected, vanity is one of the things me and my friends have in common. Hihi. Good thing my make-up artist was also really good!

The food was delish! I had lengua as one of the meals since it was my favorite. I was secretly happy knowing that not everyone liked it coz that meant there was more lengua for me to take home. But, surprisingly the lengua was a hit and I didn’t get to eat leftover lengua. Good thing I made sure that no matter what happened, I was going to eat at my wedding! Too bad for jorr though, he wasn’t able to eat that much. The cake was not only pretty it was yummy too – carrot-walnut in ice blue and brown.

The pictures speak for themselves. Alan, our photographer is very good!

Flowers were pretty – loved my bouquet and the flower girls’ coronets (I was actually trying them on after the wedding), the church was even prettier thanks to Obet, the gowns were just how I pictured them in my mind! I had specific designs in mind and Toby was able to execute perfectly.

One other good thing we got off the wedding is some of our suppliers also became our friends. 🙂

Here is a list of the suppliers for our wedding:

Caterer – Manila Catering
Photographer – Passion Photography by Alan Boras
Gowns – Toby Albrando
Invitations – Spyder Creative
Contemporary Band – Third Avenue
Oldies Band – New Versions
Church РNuestra Se̱ora de Gracia
OTD – Eden Orbista
Bridal Car – Bride Rides – Chrysler 300C
Sounds – Elmer Bautista
Flowers – April and Karen Yu
Church Flowers – Emma’s flowershop
HMU – pm me na lang

If you are planning to get any one of these suppliers based on this post. Please mention it na lang to them so at least they know I was happy about their service and I’m highly recommending them.

New life, new blog

So many things are new for me this year, 2007. I’m a newlywed living in a new country, in a house that’s not so new but we just moved in so – yeah, it’s new to me, new neighbours, new friends, new environment… name it! Everything this year is probably new to me.

So with everything being new and all, it’s just right to start with a new blog. My old one’s about 3-4 years old already it’s already stale.