Raise IQs not Sea Levels

Been wanting to get matching Tom shoes for me and Luke since he was a little baby but I wanted to wait till he can walk and his feet won’t grow out of the shoes that fast.  Well, his feet will still outgrow those shoes in a matter of months but at least he can walk now. 

Too bad Jor didn’t have it in his size.  (Or maybe it’s a good thing or it would have been overkill.)

We got ourselves the Raise IQs not Sea Levels design – yeah, we’re cool and earth friendly at the same time. 🙂


clac-earle-h Mine

Gap Kids

100410_tb_bleecker_ebb_US_vid I could be biased.  You know what they say about love being blind – it applies to mothers and lovers.  But to me the Asian baby boy on Gap looks kinda like Luke. 

And speaking of GAP kids, can I just say that this kid in the middle knows how to work it!  Hope he doesn’t grow up gay.  Not that I have anything against gay men it’s just that it would be a huge loss to the opposite gender if he did. 


Online shopping

Online shopping is one of my weakness.  I’ve been hooked ever since my first Amazon purchase years back in 2003. I can’t even remember anymore what my first purchase was but I think it was Canon DSLR 350D. 

Since then, I’ve bought baller IDs, my Calvin and Hobbes collection, waist girdles, and my first set of baby stuff and what nots.

I like being able to research for a product and see what reviews are before I make my purchase.

I also like the fact that I don’t get to bring home the loot right away because it makes me enjoy the shopping experience longer before I start feeling guilty. 

I love value for money.   In other words, I’m a sucker for sales – especially anything that’s over 30% off.  I always get tempted when I see something I can get cheaper than the usual accessible stores – and there’s a lot of them online!!!

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Luke Milestone: Walking

Luke started walking 14 September 2010.  He was a little less than 14 months.  I actually thought he’d walk sooner.

He’s been able to walk for some time before that except he hasn’t had the confidence to let go.  So he had to hold on to something even if it was just the tip of my shirt.

But on the day of the 14th, he was exploring the whole house and happy to go off by himself. 

Years from now, I know I will look back to this date fondly.  It’s amazing that I got to witness his first independent steps.

Luke just turned 1 yr old!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update about Luke’s developments.  I don’t want to postpone it for long cause I’m sure I will forget and regret it. 

At the start of his 11th month I was a little worried that he doesn’t have any amazing tricks yet.  I was also expecting him to be walking by then since he started pulling himself to standing very early

We celebrated his birthday at Mc Donald’s in Manila.  I made this invite of him looking like Mc Donald’s.  It was fun!

We chose to have a simple party so we can have everyone over because we only spent the weekend in Manila and it’s the best chance to see everyone.  And yet, there’s never enough time for all the people that you want to catch up with.

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Luke updates

Work has been super busy.  Super.  It’s sad that I wasn’t there to witness the first time he clapped his hands.  He also waves bye bye now.

Some things I failed to mention during his 9 month was drinking from the cup.  I think that’s a milestone.

Not sure if I’ve also mentioned that he can get on the bed by himself now.

… ok … I’ll pause here… time to go to work

Luke is 10 months old today!

Time does fly.  Luke is 10 months old today.

He’s like a tornado.  He leaves havoc everywhere he goes.  His exersaucer has surrendered from being used as a trampoline.

Most of his board books are torn – the pages and the books themselves are torn in two.

Here’s a clip of him getting tickled by his truck:

And here’s a video of him trying to put himself to sleep. You’ll know he’s sleepy because he will suddenly lie down and keep trying different positions to fall asleep. This is the time that it’s not safe for our faces because the odds of getting kicked or smacked by a baby trying to get his sleep on are high.

Look how he throws his arms and legs at the start of the video.  He wasn’t even moving so much in this video because he was laughing at me.  He finds it funny everytime I sign “sleep”.  I don’t know why. And this goes on for about an hour or more before he finally falls asleep. Most of the time, I get really sleepy before he does but I can’t sleep until he does because he could fall of the bed trying to find a good position.

Happy 10 months, my love.

Luke at 9 months

Luke has grown so much.  He’s still a milk monster and now he’s also a cereal monster.

It never ceases to amaze me when I see him starting to show some personality.  I always wonder where he gets them.

He’s masungit.  He probably gets that from me.  He shouts both to communicate and to show frustration.  He even shouts at inanimate objects when he doesn’t get to physically do what his brain wants to do.

He’s only recently started saying mama mama though it’s not really me he’s referring to.  He just likes saying mama over and over which is a good change from just shouting.  He shrieks too – louder than my baby niece does.  It’s funny.

He still wants to sleep on my tummy especially at night.  He’s still very active.

One thing that I noticed when he was young that I think is super prominent now is that his head sweats so much.  His head sweats even if we are inside an air-conditioned room.  His scalp always forms these droplets of sweat.  I wonder why he’s like that. I’d like to think he has very active brain activity.

I thought he’d be walking by now but un/fortunately he’s still not.  But he crawls faster and faster every day.

He also kisses me on the lips a lot but he bites my lip everytime he kisses me so it hurts sometimes.

ok, i’m sleepy … hope to post more about luke soon.