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Preparing for my bikini body

Haha! The title makes me laugh!  But it’s true.  I’ve been trying to prepare get my body the closest I can get to bikini worthiness. 

We’re going to Boracay on the 3rd week of March and I want a decent looking body so that I don’t need to buy a one piece swimsuit because all I have are 2 piece sets. 

My friend Grace says I have an excuse for having a less than worthy bikini bod because I already have a son.  She’s been egging me to exercise for the longest time.  So I gave myself a month before our Boracay trip to do something about my post pregnancy tummy.  (Yeah right! Like it wasn’t like that pre-preganancy hehe.)

My ideal weight is 98 lbs. 

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If you see me swing my pitching wedge, there’s a chance you might think I’m good.  But in fact, I can only swing one club – my pitching wedge because it was the only one we shortened so I could manage the weight and the length. Though Jor insists that I have good form and I can start playing in the small courses using my pitching wedge, I will only play on the green when I am confident enough that I wouldn’t look stupid or annoying. 

Last Sunday, we were practicing our swing at the Poh Brothers driving range with Jor’s cousins.  The nice thing about this driving range, though it’s a bit more expensive than the others, is that the balls are tagged.  The driving range has specific targets at certain distances and when you land your ball on the targets, a monitor on your bay will keep a record.  You get points based on how far you are from the target.  That way you get to practice your accuracy instead of mindlessly hitting balls.  Golf is after all about accuracy.  You aim your ball at a certain distance in a certain direction. 

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Michael Jordan now part of Basketball Hall of Fame

It was expected and inevitable. Michael Jordan is now part of the Class of 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame, along with John Stockton, and David Robinson.

This makes me feel old because this generation of players were the ones I had NBA trading cards of. So most of the players I know come from their generation and now they’re being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

My brother used to quiz me with those trading cards. He shows me a picture, then I had to name the player and which team he belonged to. In return, I’d show him a picture from a magazine and he has to identify who the model is.


This is Jorey (in flight) when he was in high school showing off his Jordan moves.  He looks so Totoy hehe and this picture looks as old as my lola’s pictures.  But I’m pretty sure colored photos have been invented at the time this picture was taken. 😛

On Tiger Woods and Jorey’s loyalty to Nike

Tiger Woods is playing while his knee is hurting and still he is amazing!!!

One thing I learned from Wii golf playing with Jorey and Tiger Woods sure know by heart is it ain’t over till it’s over. Tiger had a poor start with a couple of bogeys and even had a double bogey on the first hole of round 3 but it never fazed him. And he still managed to get that awesome long putt for eagle in the 13th hole, his chip-in for birdie on the 17th and his eagle putt on 18th. All incredible!!!

He’s really turned golf into a spectator sport. The audience are cheering as if they were watching basketball or football. I wouldn’t be surprised is there were people coming to watch the game with their faces painted.

When asked about the pain in his knee, he just said it usually happens only after impact so he still gets into position and goes for his swing. Pain is just pain.

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