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Not getting any younger

Today, as I was taking a shower, I realized I’m not getting any younger. So even though the New Year is still a few months away, I am making a resolve to make the most out of my 8 hours of work. The rest of my day should be spent making the most out of life.

I’ve also resolved to start my day earlier to support my first resolution. Wish me luck!

Hello World!

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything.  Work has been busy but it’s interesting.  I have so many things to learn about.  My boss in nice.  I’m actually grateful that he gave me a chance to jumpstart my career.  My profile doesn’t exactly match the engineering position I’m in – Female, petite, and former housewife – very unengineer.  It’s funny how I’m probably the only female in most of the meetings I’ve attended.  It’s sad that to see that engineering is still a male dominated field.

Anyhoo, just cheking in.  Hope everyone is doing great!

Noynoy is President

So it seems the voice of the people has spoken and we another Aquino as President.

I hope the anti Noynoy’s would take defeat graciously and realize that in the end, the only way our country will move forward is if we all work together – regardless of whether he was your President or not.

Personally, I’m happy with the results.  Between him and Villar, he was my bet.  But hubby and I supported Gordon because he was the one who impressed us the most during interviews.

(We didn’t really get to vote this year so our due diligence was limited to showing our support hoping other friends would think twice about their candidate.)

I just want to write about this tweet in twitter that made me tick.  I have this friend who used to sport the yellow ribbon on his avatar on facebook.  A few days before election day, he announced his support for Gordon – which was good because we were supporting the same candidate.  Still, I tweeted “I thought you were supporting the yellow ribbon.”  For some reason he RTd it and said my support was for Cory not Noynoy.

Then some person tweeted back “people in this country should stop mistaking the son for the parents haha.”  Before that I was already annoyed at all this political chuva going on.  All of a sudden, everyone thinks they know everything.  I understand, everyone is passionate about our future.  But all the fighting on facebook about supporters from this candidate are all like this and that. (FYI Only supporters of Erap can be profiled! jk) But I guess I begged for it when I asked the question.

So this tweet was kinda the straw.  It annoyed me.  So I replied “I honestly don’t see the difference.  Cory and Noynoy both didn’t have credentials to become President.  Cory’s presidency wasn’t that good either.”

Too bad (or maybe good thing) you can’t write a novel of a tweet.  But my point was, if Cory became president and she is loved by the people why can’t Noynoy be president?  Noynoy is probably more qualified than her mother who was  a housewife before becoming president.  They both are banking on their clean image and gaining support from the recent death of a family member.  So yes, I don’t see the difference.

In fairness, the tweet said parents.  Noynoy is definitely not Ninoy.  I guess the part about Cory’s presidency wasn’t that good was too much. Though I believe it to be true, my friend was supporting Cory and it wasn’t his tweet that irked me.

Oh Noynoy, please don’t break your promise.  Please have the balls to be President.  I know gaming addiction is hard to kick – if what they say is true.  But please make your momma proud.

So here we are peeps – it’s a new chapter in Philippine history.  Hope floats.

Back in Singapore

After two weeks of vacation in Manila, we’re back in the land where we can’t afford a car. 

I can’t believe there’s so much (I feel) I have to catch up with considering I’m not working.  There’s this research I’m helping my mom with, my sister-in-law’s website, and all the stuff that I follow on my reader.  Plus archiving and posting all the pictures from the last 2 weeks. 

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Celebrity Sighting

We saw Jomari and Rada at National Bookstore in Quezon Ave a while ago… wala lang. I remember I used to have a big crush on Jomari during his Gwapings days. Had I seen him a (not so) few years ago, I would have definitely gone gaga. But sadly (or not), … nothing … not even starstruck.