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Speaking of Philippine politics gone crazy…

Navy Lt. Senior Grade Antonio Trillanes IV, (in)famous for leading the Oakwood mutiny, who is currently facing charges of rebellion and coup d’ etat, is part of the opposition’s roster for senatoriables.

History repeats itself. Very reminiscent of Gringo Honasan. Gringo stages coup. Gringo runs for senate. Gringo wins. Gringo stages coup with Trillanes. Trillanes runs for senate. What do you think will happen next?

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same results. If Trillanes wins. Would it be safe to say that Philippine politics is insane?

Cesar Montano runs for Senator

What the f@#$???

I am no politics expert. In fact, I’ve given up reading the philippine newspapers since high school. But this is just hard to ignore. What does Cesar Montano know about public service. In an article in Phil Star he was even quoted as saying: “I am really glad because I was chosen to run as a candidate despite there are so many people more qualified than me”. Based on this statement alone, it should be obvious why the whole idea is totally preposterous. Even he admits he’s not qualified. Lito Lapid was governor before he even ran for Senator. Erap was mayor, then senator, before he became President (and what was he able to accomplish?) If Cesar is sincere then he should run in his own barangay or something. At least his rookie mistakes won’t have national consequences.

I feel this is such an insult to the voting public’s intelligence. The Presidential Political Adviser was also quoted in the article as saying: “Why Cesar? Because we have always believed in his capability and winnability”. What exactly is his capability? He would prioritize bills that would uplift the lives of those working in the movie industry – which is what? 1% of the total philippine population. Cesar, you can do that just by running for president of the Film Actors Guild or whatever guild you call it in the Philippines. You don’t need a national position for that.

This coming elections people should focus on the hows and not the whats. It’s so easy to say I will fight for unity and world peace and whatever else you want to fight for. The question is HOW? What exactly do you plan to do? Do you even know how the philippine economics work? Cesar would probably be better off doing socially relevant movies. Movies that would educate the masses. Focus on what he’s good at.

But then again, what do I know.