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Takes only a little to make me happy

I dunno if it’s just all the pc’s that I have access to – maybe because the cookie is set or something but when I visited the home page of the National Geographic Magazine, it’s my shot that’s displayed on the upper left corner which links to the Daily Dozen. I guess it’s no biggie, but it makes me kilig and excited.

A really heartfelt thank you to everyone who voted for my shot – especially to those who invited their other friends to vote for me and to those who didn’t know me and still voted. I know there are a lot of great/er shots in the set and if you’ve already voted you would have noticed that the odds of me getting the top vote are slim but I still really appreciate all the support. Voting is until May 4. Of course, still wouldn’t hurt if you still vote for my shot. Anything is possible, right? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Vote for my pic please


My pic got chosen in the Nat Geo’s Daily Dozen for Week 4.  I’m not sure how easy or hard it is to get chosen because this was my first entry but nevertheless it got me excited.  🙂  So maybe you can help me take this to the next level and vote for the pic through this link: (hopefully by giving me a rating of 10 😀 )

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My early Christmas Present

Jor just got me a new Canon 40D SLR.  I’m so excited.

I’m still getting the hang of the buttons and controls because it’s different than my previous 350D.

We were just supposed to get a 450D at the Comex Show but decided to look at other stores thinking they’d be happy to match the promos at the Comex Show.  And we did get a good price (I believe).  For just a little more we could get the 40D plus we managed to persuade the vendor to throw in some freebies.  So we ended up saving ourselves S$500.00 from the 40D price at the Comex Show.  I’d say it was a good bargain.

I just hope the price of the 40D doesn’t dive down with the launching of the 50D.

Coincidentally, when I got back home and checked my email, I got a message from informing me that 2 of my pictures from the Père-Lachaise Cemetery are still being used in their Schmap Paris guide and that they’ve just come out with an iphone version of the guide.

I just find it a little surreal to have my pictures used in a city guide, and not just some city – it’s Paris!  (even if it’s not really the typical professionally taken travel photo.  Ok, maybe you could even call it a snapshot.  Nevertheless, it’s there.)  I feel my six degrees to Paris just dropped a few degrees.  😛  It’s good motivation to hone the skills.

Selling my Canon 350d

If you are photography enthusiast who’s looking to get your hands on your first ever digital SLR without burning a hole through your pocket, then this is for you.

I’m selling my Canon 350d SLR for an amazingly low price (because I want to sell it quickly so I can upgrade to a higher model SLR). It’s in very good condition with hardly any scratches. It’s currently in my house in Manila if you want to inspect it.

For more details click below:

Updates and pictures

Yeah, I haven’t been updating my nook lately. Probably because there’s nothing really new – everything is pretty much same same.

But while I’m pondering whether it’s worth it to get a pro account at Flickr, I’m keeping my new pictures at my Multiply account.

Just want to share with you guys some pictures I took of Singapore – the place I’ve called home for a little over a year now. Some are old pics but I’ve added some new stuff recently.

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Another Leibovitz photo in question

It wasn’t long ago that her Vogue cover was accused to be racist, now it’s her portrait of Miley Cyrus thats getting the heat.

I’m a fan of Annie Leibovitz and I think her shot of Miley Cyrus is artistic (although apparently not original since she’s done the same shot with Diana Ross for Vanity Fair in 1989. But she did describe the portrait as a classic portrait and classic and original don’t usually go together).

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