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Zookeeper for a day

My zookeeper attachment at the Singapore Zoo – It was more work than I expected but it was a lot of fun. Zookeeping is not a glamorous job at all and entails a lot of hard work so my hats off to the zookeepers. They really know a lot about the animals they take care of – and they are very well taken care of. Each animal has a name and even though they all look the same to me, the zookeepers know who’s who.

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I joined the Zoo

Yes, I did! My mother hates it.  But I haven’t been this excited about anything for a long time.  No. I don’t get paid.  It’s actually serious volunteer work and I had to go through a screening process and I’m midway through the 3 month training.  It’s kinda nerdy geeky in a way but I’m surprised most of the volunteers are relatively normal people (like me!).  Most are professionals – which is pretty admirable coz had I been working I think this zoo thingy would be heavy on the commitment side.

On training days, I have to wake up at 6 am to get to the zoo at 9 am, and anyone who knows me knows I’m NOT a morning person.  So yeah the first few training days, I was mostly disoriented and kept forgetting stuff.

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Nora the Piano playing cat

Click on the image to see how talented this cat is.

But can she pee in the toilet like my Patchypoopoo can?


She just makes me miss my cats even more. She’s just so amazing. I loove cats. Big or small. They are just beautiful creatures. I’m actually at and have been at a point right in my life where I prefer to have cats than kids. My cats are like my kids.

During my first weeks here in Singapore, I missed my cats as much as I missed my family. I got so excited once when I was talking to my mom on Yahoo Messenger and then garbled words started appearing. I knew right away it was my cats stepping on the keyboards. They love lying down on keyboards when they know you’re using it or lie down on newspapers or magazines while you’re reading them. I even bought 2 beanie baby cats – Prance and Siam (in addition to Heiress who I brought with me here) so I won’t miss them as much.

Can’t wait to see my cats again!