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Another Leibovitz photo in question

It wasn’t long ago that her Vogue cover was accused to be racist, now it’s her portrait of Miley Cyrus thats getting the heat.

I’m a fan of Annie Leibovitz and I think her shot of Miley Cyrus is artistic (although apparently not original since she’s done the same shot with Diana Ross for Vanity Fair in 1989. But she did describe the portrait as a classic portrait and classic and original don’t usually go together).

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Knocked Up

We recently watched “Knocked Up” on DVD. We hardly watch movies in the theater so I only get to watch the movies I like when they’ve been released on DVD. It stars Katherine Heigl, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and Leslie Mann (the last three are also in “The 40 year old Virgin.”) It’s about a one night stand that resulted in an unplanned pregnancy and how they cope with the situation yada yada.

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Beowulf in 4K Digital

Just came from Cathay cinema to watch Beowulf in 4K digital. I’m not at all familiar with the epic poem or the previous movie version. So I came in with no expectations and though I wasn’t at awe when I left, I wasn’t disappointed either. I kinda felt like I just watched a fairy tale Disney movie except it’s a hundred times more violent and it has some nudity.

Watching it in 4K digital probably made the experience enjoyable because everything was oh so clear you’d probably see the goosebumps in Beowulf’s butt if you stared long enough. But I wonder if there are english subtitles for when Grendel or Grendel’s mother are talking. They have their own “demon” language that I obviously don’t understand, but there are equivalent chinese subtitles appearing at the bottom of the screen.

Transformers the Movie

So we finally saw it! I enjoyed the movie, I laughed at the jokes but somehow I wasn’t at awe as I would’ve expected when I left the movie.

I thought bumblebee was supposed to be a Volkswagen beetle? And Optimus Prime didn’t look as red as I expected. I’m also no hard core fan but I vaguely remember Optimus Prime dying. Hmm…

I suppose the movie wasn’t catered to the generation that grew up with Transformers the cartoons.

Watching Spiderman 3 in 4k digital

Last weekend we watched Spiderman 3 in 4k digital at Golden Village in Vivo City. According to this, Sony’s CineAlta 4k digital projector has a higher resolution than HDTV (4x the pixels of HDTV) and that:

Front row seats
Best of all, Sony’s CineAlta 4Kâ„¢”s high definition, digital technology creates an image of such sharpness and clarity that the cinema’s front row seats are equal to the best seats in the house.

So when I was trying to book us tickets, only the front row seats were open. And I was thinking to myself, these people probably didn’t read the part about the front seats being the best seats in the house.

The verdict: The resolution is really clear. Amazing actually. But I wouldn’t go so far as saying the front row seats are the best seats in the house specially for the vertically challenged like me. I almost got a stiff neck watching the movie. I would say the fourth – fifth row seats are the best. I can’t wait to watch Pirates of the Carribean in 4k digital.

The Departed wins Best Picture

Yeah, the perks of the unemployed! I got to watch the Oscars live (and the Amazing race after that).

Finally Scorcese wins an Oscar for The Departed, a movie based on the HK flick Infernal Affairs which is just as good if not better. I remember watching The Departed, four years after watching Infernal Affairs in 2003 (the same time I opened my friendster account – it’s still on my favorite movies list 🙂 ). While I was watching the English remake not knowing it was a remake, I kept thinking deja vu – that I’ve seen a movie with the same plot that I also really liked. I hate that feeling of trying to remember something and you always only almost remember.

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