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Credit card hidden charges

Here’s another reason you should watch your credit card bills closely.

Aside from making sure you are not paying for fraudulent charges made on your card, you should also take a look at the finance charges you are being charged with.

I usually pay my credit card bills in full so that I don’t pay finance charges.  I pay them online through BPI Expressonline.  But due to my own carelessness, I mistakenly paid my HSBC bill to my BPI card.   It was a scheduled payment but I only noticed the mistake after the payment was made.

The first thing I did of course was to call BPI and ask them for my money back which they returned a few days later.  Thank you, BPI.  The next thing I did was find out the rate of finance charge  – 3.5%.  When I was in college, I thought that 3.5% was applied to the balance after you’ve made the payment but actually that interest charge is applied to the outstanding balance before your payment.  So if you have left even 1 cent on your balance you would be charged interest based on your previous balance.

Up till recently, I thought that was all there is to it – until my booboo.

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The more I read, the more I realize how much I don’t know…

While bumming at home, one of the things I wanted to catch up on that I couldn’t do so much when I was employed was read. So since I got here, I’ve finished 5 books related to business, personal finance and investment namely:

M. Sanchez’s “A Smart and Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs”
F. Colayco’s “Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo“,
Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki’s “Why we want you to be rich“,
Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“,
Goh Kheng Chuan’s “Handbook for Stock Investors, A must read for Singapore Investors

The first book I bought when I started plogHost (which I’m no longer part of) with Abe. Jorey bought the second one. Neither of us read it. I just finished both books recently. The third I bought becuase Ivanka Trump said so while I was reading a fashion mag (the only material I can read cover to cover when I was still employed). I like her coz she doesn’t have to work or she can just earn money as a model, but she chose the corporate chuva. So how can you hate her? Can you be my idol? hehe (But I secretly kinda like Paris and Nicole sometimes, more Nicole than Paris though). Robert Kiyosaki, true to his claims, is a good salesman. I bought the fourth one because he was plugging it so much in his book with Trump it went to my subconsious. Plus Abe kept talking about it when we were working on plogHost.

Kiyosaki and Trump’s books are inspiring at the least. They make making money sound so easy. I suppose it’s easier to make money if you had money to begin with.

The last book I read because of all of Kiyosaki’s and Trump’s recommendations, stock investing didn’t rely so much on your sales skills. I have a hard time making friends, what more selling stuff.

After having read all of it, what did I learn?

I learned that: 1) I am an ignoramus. 2) That there’s soo much I need to read about.

I guess knowing that you don’t know stuff is a good start.