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Preparing for my bikini body

Haha! The title makes me laugh!  But it’s true.  I’ve been trying to prepare get my body the closest I can get to bikini worthiness. 

We’re going to Boracay on the 3rd week of March and I want a decent looking body so that I don’t need to buy a one piece swimsuit because all I have are 2 piece sets. 

My friend Grace says I have an excuse for having a less than worthy bikini bod because I already have a son.  She’s been egging me to exercise for the longest time.  So I gave myself a month before our Boracay trip to do something about my post pregnancy tummy.  (Yeah right! Like it wasn’t like that pre-preganancy hehe.)

My ideal weight is 98 lbs. 

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Wall Sticker

I just put on giant gumamelas (ok, I’m not really sure what these flowers are..) on our wall leading to the kitchen.  It reminded me of grade school days when we used to collect stickers and put them on our sticker books only this time the sticker is taller than me.  It was fun sticking them on.

How can you not love Ikea.  They’ve successfully combined aesthetics and functionality with mass production.  So what if most of your stuff is also in everyone else’s house.

Me love Ikea

A few posts back, I had a concept in mind for our dining area. I wanted to put up photos of basic food that I use when cooking. Initially, I wanted to take the photos myself but I found this in Ikea and it goes perfectly with my concept!

Basic ingredients
frames sold separately

The only darn thing about it is there was supposed to be 5 different photos (greeting cards actually) in the pack but when I opened them at home I found myself with 2 garlic heads – one of them should have been an artichoke. I have yet to bring my ass back to Ikea and have them replace it. But nevertheless, I love it!

Bahay-bahayan is fun!

Our new coffee table arrived today. I’m no interior designer so I wasn’t sure if I picked the right color. The (landlord’s) furniture is all wood and since we chose a brown sofa I thought having a brown coffe table would be too much brown so I chose cream instead. Well the coffee table was supposed to have clear glass on top so I could display coffee table books beneath it but when it arrived, the glass was frosted. Hmm… to return or not to return?

I also took a picture of our fake orchid (I know, I don’t like fake ornamental flowers either but I don’t think I can get big orchids like those for cheap.) and plan to have mirror images of them printed on canvas. They’ll be displayed on top of the 3 seater sofa. I’m still a little iffy with the pictures. I need more lighting and I only have flourescent and the sun to work with. But that’s the idea. Suggestions are welcome.

Our walls are painted ice blue – kinda the same color as the frosted glass. I want something orange/yellow to pop out of the wall. It’s funny how our casa has the same motiff as our wedding. It wasn’t intentional. 🙂