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Wii finally got one!

After being lethargic for 9 months and building up all that lactic acid inside my system, I got to play tennis, bowling, baseball, and boxing in one day! So guess what, everything hurts. I had to take painkillers the following day just so I could walk around the house. I can feel all my arm muscles and even my obliques.

The first time we played we didn’t really know that you could use the remote with just a flick of the wrist so we went wild like monkeys when we played boxing against each other. It was so funny I should have caught Jorey on video. It would hands down beat Gino’s and Alina’s video of me trying to dance.

We look a lot like our Mii’s, will post a pic soon. We’ve named them NoWii and JoRii hehe.

My new gadget

I have a new gadget. The panasonic pore cleanser. I saw this a few months back and couldn’t get it out of my mind. I bought it so I can finally find out if it works or not.

Pore cleanser

I’m hoping it would at least get rid of the black heads and help with exfoliation since it looks like the same tool they use for diamond peels.

Can this replace my blackhead extractor?

…This is my queeeest … to follow that star … no matter how hopeless…

I’m still raving about my rice cooker

Yeah you probably couldn’t relate but the problem we had was we initially bought a 10 cup Phillips rice cooker but we only cook 1 cup of rice for the 2 of us every meal. So since there’s too little rice, our rice always ends up tutong and we always have to throw away the bottom part.

So we decided to replace our rice cooker with the 5 cup Zojirushi. That rice cooker is so smart. I can even cook a 1/2 cup of rice and it always comes out perfect. Evenly cooked whether on top or at the bottom. What’s best about it is it has a timer. I can set it up at night to that the rice will be freshly cooked by morning so I don’t have to wake up early. Hihi.