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Popeye’s Pasta

Until now I still haven’t really mastered the art of planning meals.  I usually just rummage through whatever’s in the ref and come up with something edible. Today, I found myself with a bag of organic spinach left over from dinner with Majel and Jenm last Saturday.  But I didn’t want to cook the same […]

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Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs

Today I was thinking of what to cook for dinner when there’s nothing really left in the fridge but processed meat like ham and sausage which I think is not very healthy for preggers like me.  But I do have spare ribs in the freezer and I was wondering what I could do with it […]

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Beef Stroganoff

We usually only have sandwich for dinner during weekdays to keep us from putting on too much weight, but it was raining hard today and I was craving for steamy rice. I had left over chopped onions, olives, sour cream, and white wine so I decided to make some beef stroganoff. I’m not exactly sure […]

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Baked herbed salmon on lemon cream pasta

I was thinking of what to cook for dinner today and I remembered I had salmon in the freezer that we need to consume since salmon doesn’t taste good when it’s not fresh. Then I thought what would go nice with salmon besides the usual lemon butter sauce and rice? I came up with lemon […]

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Ok so I’m thinking I should keep a journal of the recipes of the food I’ve been cooking. I’ve been asked quite a few times for my recipes on this and that but the thing is I could never give out exact measurements like hom many teaspoons of this and that. I was never the […]

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