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I’m not the measuring type of cook. So do what I do and follow your taste buds.

Popeye’s Pasta

Until now I still haven’t really mastered the art of planning meals.  I usually just rummage through whatever’s in the ref and come up with something edible.

Today, I found myself with a bag of organic spinach left over from dinner with Majel and Jenm last Saturday.  But I didn’t want to cook the same pasta coz that would be boring.

Last Saturday, I served linguine in spinach and alfredo sauce – not carbonarra as Jor calls it.   (FYI: Carbonarra is made with eggs and lots of cheese.)   I also served my regular meat and tomato sauce so we can mix it with the white sauce for a twist.   We had pepperoni pizza for starters.  I would usually serve focacia or ciabatta and an olive oil/balsamic dip but the last time I did that with Jorey’s friends, everyone was so stuffed by the end of the evening.

For dessert, we had brownies and ice cream.  It was a different brownie from my previous post.  The one I served was a double chocolate cookie pre-mix which I baked as a brownie and added more eggs to make it cakey.  I think it was good because when I baked it in the morning I wasn’t sure it was going to last for dinner because Jorey couldn’t stop picking on it.

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Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs

Today I was thinking of what to cook for dinner when there’s nothing really left in the fridge but processed meat like ham and sausage which I think is not very healthy for preggers like me.  But I do have spare ribs in the freezer and I was wondering what I could do with it that’s not complicated.  I remembered the salt and pepper spare ribs I like eating in Chinese restaurants.  Though recently I’ve developed an aversion to chinese food,  (For some reason, ever since being pregnant, instead of cravings I get aversions.) the salt and pepper spare ribs don’t really taste distinctly chinese unless you mix it with those thick sauces which I have no intention of doing.  I’m pairing it with good ol’ spiced vinegar. Continue reading Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs

Beef Stroganoff

We usually only have sandwich for dinner during weekdays to keep us from putting on too much weight, but it was raining hard today and I was craving for steamy rice. I had left over chopped onions, olives, sour cream, and white wine so I decided to make some beef stroganoff. I’m not exactly sure what authentic russian beef stroganoff tastes like, but I’m pretty happy with my own version. I burnt my tongue coz I kept tasting it (couldn’t help it) even if it was still too hot. It would go well with either pasta or rice.

Is it that obvious I like beef, mushroom and olives? It looks similar to my caldereta coz I used leftover ingredients from it but it tastes different.

Then we finished it off with a generous helping of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream. Did I say we were trying to keep ourselves from putting on weight?

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Baked herbed salmon on lemon cream pasta

I was thinking of what to cook for dinner today and I remembered I had salmon in the freezer that we need to consume since salmon doesn’t taste good when it’s not fresh. Then I thought what would go nice with salmon besides the usual lemon butter sauce and rice?
I came up with lemon cream pasta. Lemon is always a nice complement to seafood.

As requested my attempt to recall the recipe: Continue reading Baked herbed salmon on lemon cream pasta


Ok so I’m thinking I should keep a journal of the recipes of the food I’ve been cooking. I’ve been asked quite a few times for my recipes on this and that but the thing is I could never give out exact measurements like hom many teaspoons of this and that. I was never the measuring type of cook. Even when I’m following a recipe I usually just look at the ingredients and don’t really take note of exactly how much of this and that. I usually just note down the proportions so at least I’d have an idea if it’s supposed to be more salty than sweet or whatevs. When it comes to cooking, I only follow one thing(/s?) – my taste buds.
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