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Happy Birthday to Me!

Thanks to everyone who remembered me today.

Yes, today is my birthday! Days before, Jorey’s been asking me what I want to do because he wants to do something big for my birthday. There’s so many things I want to do like go to Bali, or Bangkok, Europe, upgrade my dSLR, or get a decent lens with IS, (buy lens or get an alpha 350?), buy an iMac, eat french food. So many things that it’s hard to choose just one. So we ended up deciding to try the buffet dinner at the Ritz Carlton. That’s so typical of me to end up with buffet dinner. I fear I may end up hungry if I go for a french dinner. As for my techie gadgets, I have till the next IT show in September to think it over.

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Howling winds, waking up in the dark, and referring to yourself in the third person

Whenever we don’t have guests, Jor and I have been sleeping in the guest room because it’s cheaper to use aircon there since it’s a smaller room with a bigger bed and TV.  This is our little contribution to climate change.  I sleep on the side of the bed near the window.

We were supposed to go to the driving range the morning of Saturday but when I woke up it was still very dark and it was raining quite hard.

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A kiddie conversation about unicorns and pegasus

It looks kinda dugyot na because it’s about a week old and it’s chipped already.

Last week I was at a birthday party of my sister-in-law’s niece, Bianca. The party had a free nail art booth for guests where they can choose a design, stick their fingers inside a box and then there’s a printer that would print the design on your nails. The design I chose was a pegasus.

So this morning when I visited Jorey’s nephews and niece. Nana noticed my nails and said
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Celebrity Sighting at Serendra

We had Norman’s graduation dinner at Hossein’s in Serendra. We don’t usually go anywhere outside Quezon City to dine as a family because we’re lazy like that and we all think we can eat better food at home but since Chuck now lives in Alabang we had to meet halfway – if only to see Simone (pronounced Sim-One like the movie).

Food at Hossein’s is pretty good. We’ve tried it before in Makati at a dinner hosted by my mom’s friend. I must say it tastes even better when it’s free. Hehehe

On our way back to the parking lot, we saw no less than Madam Imelda herself. Norman said she looks like a wax figure which is the same thing I said when I saw Charlene Gonzales in person so I guess it’s a compliment. In fairness to Mrs. Marcos, she still stands quite upright for a 70+ yr old person – very regal and looking really healthy – not fat just healthy. She had a black rolls royce waiting for her.

Haay… the toys corruption can afford you.

I wanted to have a picture taken with her but besides the fact that I’m not really the type that approaches people I don’t know, I was also wearing my politically incorrect t-shirt that had “Meat is Murder … Tasty, Tasty Murder!” printed on.

Manila, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila…

…There’s just no place like Manila. Manila I’m coming home….

Yes, I’m back in Manila for the nth time. It doesn’t make practical sense but family comes first.

Just want to share an observation I made at the PAL flight on the way here. When the flight attendant asks you what drink you want and you reply “Juice.” (which was what the person seated next to me did), the attendant will automatically give you orange juice. So is that a Filipino thing or is it globally understood that when you say juice, you mean orange juice? I wanted apple juice so I had to specify “Apple juice.”


My spooky encounter

Last night, or should I say very early this morning, I found my site down so I tried to find out if my host’s server crashed or my site was just suspended. So I decided to visit all my sites and I discovered one of them was displaying a page that was not my index page. I quickly checked my site files to see where the page is coming from but all that’s there is my original index page.
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My mom has the hots for Gong Yoo (Athur) hehehe

My mom and I got hooked on Coffee Prince while I was in Manila. So I bought the dvd when I got back to Singapore. The thing I dread about watching these dvds, I always end up watching the discs one after the other. I always get a bad headache after.

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