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Preparing for my bikini body

Haha! The title makes me laugh!  But it’s true.  I’ve been trying to prepare get my body the closest I can get to bikini worthiness. 

We’re going to Boracay on the 3rd week of March and I want a decent looking body so that I don’t need to buy a one piece swimsuit because all I have are 2 piece sets. 

My friend Grace says I have an excuse for having a less than worthy bikini bod because I already have a son.  She’s been egging me to exercise for the longest time.  So I gave myself a month before our Boracay trip to do something about my post pregnancy tummy.  (Yeah right! Like it wasn’t like that pre-preganancy hehe.)

My ideal weight is 98 lbs. 

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Oops I did it again

I was minding my own business, eating lunch with Jorey at this hawker place when this auntie who was cleaning the tables told me to use Kao Biore for my face. It’s cheaper than Proactiv but works just as good.

This would make it unsolicited advise number 1456586.

Is there a big “HELP!!!” sign on my forehead?

In fairness to auntie, she did say I was cute that’s why she was giving me advice. Chika!

My new gadget

I have a new gadget. The panasonic pore cleanser. I saw this a few months back and couldn’t get it out of my mind. I bought it so I can finally find out if it works or not.

Pore cleanser

I’m hoping it would at least get rid of the black heads and help with exfoliation since it looks like the same tool they use for diamond peels.

Can this replace my blackhead extractor?

…This is my queeeest … to follow that star … no matter how hopeless…

Acne diaries

I started seeing a dermatologist at 17 for pimple treatment – my friend even told me if we could get back all the money we spent on our skin, we’d be rich.

Today I started compiling pictures of myself over the years so I can see which regimen worked best for me. I knew my cam whoring would serve a purpose someday. From those pics, I would say my best skin year was 2004-2005. It was so long ago I can’t even remember what my regimen was then. I’m pretty sure though I was visiting Dra. Gonong at least 1 a month for maintenance.

Haay, I miss her. Specially right now that I’ve ran out of Tretinoin and I don’t know where the hell I can get it in Singapore since practically everything that’s not Panadol has to have a prescription. I feel dermatologists here in Singapore are just out to make money from me. I don’t want to pay consultation fee just to get a tretinoin prescription which I’m not sure I would even get coz the doctor might have a different opinion. (I think it hurts their egos if you suggest something to them like that doctor who I asked if he could give me Acyclovir for my chicken pox who of course didn’t give it to me coz he thinks I’m playing doctor. He instead prescribed me an antibiotic – I guess to prevent infection but the only way I could get the antibiotic is if I get it from him. Hmph.)

It’s actually cheaper for me to just buy a ticket to Manila and have all the treatments I need.

I know it’s so vain of me but it’s also so depressing for me. Bwiset na chicken pox kasi yan!!

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