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Updates and pictures

Yeah, I haven’t been updating my nook lately. Probably because there’s nothing really new – everything is pretty much same same.

But while I’m pondering whether it’s worth it to get a pro account at Flickr, I’m keeping my new pictures at my Multiply account.

Just want to share with you guys some pictures I took of Singapore – the place I’ve called home for a little over a year now. Some are old pics but I’ve added some new stuff recently.

Pictures after the jump. Continue reading Updates and pictures

Little India and Chinatown walking tour

Troy and I went on our self-paced walking tour of Little India and Chinatown. I was his “tour guide” though it was my first time to actually walk that part of Little India, though we often pass by Seranggoon road by bus.

I brought my SLR but I didn’t get to take a single picture. It was a whole day of much needed walking since I’ve been sedentary for the last week. My legs are aching today but I had fun!

Auntie Mary’s black pepper crab is always a sure bet!

My inner Mama-san

I keep getting asked by locals to introduce them to my Filipina friends because they want to have a Filipina wife.

The cab driver who brought me from the airport to our place even gave me his number.

So friends, if any of you are interested in dating/marrying a Singaporean guy, I have I can introduce you to a few (seemingly decent men).


I won!!!

I have a theory – It’s easier to win raffle contests in Singapore than in the Philippines because it’s MUCH less populated and probably most people in Singapore are busy with more important stuff. I’m probably the only person texting in to different contests just because I like winning (and I have nothing else to do). Even if the prize is so mundane, as long as I won it, it never fails to cheer me up.

Last week, I sent an SMS entry to my mobile subscriber and won a pair of movie passes.

A few weeks ago, I kinda spammed my friends into playing a memory game from an airline company and get a chance to win a trip to Amsterdam. I won! Well… not the trip to Amsterdam (Darn it!) but I did still win a pen holder (I wonder how many friends you need to win the Amsterdam trip). Woohoo!!!

It just gets me more motivated to solve that Volvo thingy though I’ve lost days and haven’t even got that pirate chart. Tsk.