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Since we’ve been here, Luke’s been attracting some attention whenever we go out. His picture’s been taken a number of times – some without my permission. Like this one time we were in a bus and the man seated opposite us took out his cellphone and took a picture of Luke. But then I got paranoid. When we got home I wondered if he was taking a picture because he found Luke cute or he wanted to “stomp” us – though for what reason, I can’t think of any. Stomp is a website affiliated with their major daily newspaper where people can post pics or clips of people caught in the act of doing something wrong or some other “newsworthy” events like people eating inside the train, or students littering, etc. It’s kinda funny sometimes what people submit there. It’s been kind of an inside joke for Jor and I whenever we’d cross the street and we’re not on the pedestrian lane. We’d tell ourselves to be quick before someone can take our pic and stomp us.

16 weeks, Settled in and Nesting

We’re finally settled in at our new apartment.  Though it’s a little smaller than the old one, and so much farther away from the city,  it’s actually closer to our friends and it’s better designed.

I didn’t think we’d accumulate so much stuff in two years!  We moved in with 50 boxes of stuff considering we sold our 3+2 seater and coffee table already.  And even though we’ve resolved to not accumulate any more and  just save money specially since it’s recession, we just couldn’t help it.  We just bought a bookshelf, a kitchen trolley, a small oven, a microwave oven, and a small massager. Plus I had to buy new boots to replace the ones Jorey threw out – there’s always pressure to buy when sales peeps tell you that today is the last day of the sale.  There’s even more pressure when they tell you you get additional 10% off when you buy a second pair of shoes.  We had to draw the line.

I feel guilty spending this much when I should be saving up for baby stuff.  It makes me nauseous.

By the way, I’m 16 weeks into my pregnancy yesterday.  Continue reading 16 weeks, Settled in and Nesting

Back in Singapore

There is never enough time to do all the things I want to do whenever I’m in Manila.  I didn’t get to see all my friends and those I got to see, I didn’t get to see more than once.

But I still had a blast.  For me, ignoring traffic, the best place to spend the holidays is still in the Philippines.  I especially enjoy New Year at our house because our street has it’s own fireworks display and the food is just incredible!

Now that vacation’s  over, I’m doing major catching up on all the chores I didn’t get to do over the holidays.  I’m drowning in junk mail and bills.  Plus I need to find a new place for us to move in soon. When is the recession ever going to start affecting rental prices here in Singapore anyway?   It’s taking so darn long.

Zookeeper for a day

My zookeeper attachment at the Singapore Zoo – It was more work than I expected but it was a lot of fun. Zookeeping is not a glamorous job at all and entails a lot of hard work so my hats off to the zookeepers. They really know a lot about the animals they take care of – and they are very well taken care of. Each animal has a name and even though they all look the same to me, the zookeepers know who’s who.

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