I’m Noee, a Filipina who moved to Singapore right after getting married. This nook (as I prefer to call it vs blog) was created in 2003 but was too busy to write entries until recently when I have found myself a housewife with all the time in the world.

I’m not a creative writer nor a native english speaker. I hardly proof read my entries so some of them probably sound barok.
This blog is for my own entertainment and I don’t actually expect anyone else to be reading it. But if by some chance you found yourself here, I want to say welcome! Feel free to see what interests you. Leave a message or something. 🙂

Below is my about page from my old nook.

The taste buds: I will eat anything.
I can eat tapsilog forever.
I love Italian food. I like everything from Cafe Brettone. Jorey and I usually order Vesuve (spicy) and Fantastic Pinay with ice cream and almonds or Fresh strawberry shortcrepes. We also pig out on Saisaki buffet because we get our money’s worth just from the sushi we eat. We like our Wasabi-soysauce thick and creamy. I love the sensation that Wasabi gives- like the back of your head is burning. I’m not a coffee person because I can switch from normal to hyper without it. I’m also not into chichirya except if it’s cheezballs. My usual at Chili’s is prawn ceasar salad and grilled prawn marinara. My usual at Chateau Verde is their baked oysters. I LOVE my mother’s kare-kare and I challenge anyone who thinks they can cook it better – not even Barrio Fiesta and Kamayan can beat it.

But since my metabolism isn’t ideal anymore, I put myself through the low-carb-south-beach-kuno diet since October this year (2004). I never thought I could live without rice. The first 2-3 weeks was hell but I survived. Believe me, it’s possible! I consider it one of my better achievements.

The sound of one hand clapping: I can listen to anything. You can make me sing anything from classical mee-mee-mee-yo-ho-ho-ho to metal ROAAARRRRRR. I went through the F4 phase big time but I’m past that now. It will be remembered fondly though. I love singing. I like going to videoke with Jorey or my cousins and sing our hearts out. Most people would think I’m more into the mainstream songs but that’s just because those are the songs you can sing to at videoke (and oh because I got into F4 but that’s an exception). I actually like songs that make you feel like you’re in an indie movie. I like songs that are so poetic yet the lyrics are simple. But since I haven’t been listening to anything recently my playlist is kinda outdated. I don’t really care – mainstream, indie, whatever – as long as it sounds good to me then it’s cool!

Warm fuzzies: I have found it in Jorey. He’s the rare type of man. He’s got all the good stuff and and just the healthy dose of the naughty stuff. He’s THE man for me.

Silver screen: I enjoy action movies with the choreographed action sequences. Movies like Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, Charlie’s Angels and Equilibrium.
I grew up on chinese movies specifically those with Jackie Chan in it. I love Jackie Chan. He’s so funny! My favorite Jackie Chan movie would probably be Condor and Drunken Master.
I like watching movies in general when I have time. I cry easily in movies. I cry in action, comedy, suspense – it doesn’t matter what genre. I liked the movie Powder, Pretty Woman, Camelot, Legends of the Fall, Never Been Kissed.
I think the movie ‘The Prophecy’ was interesting.
I also like watching foreign movies with subtitles. Movies that make you feel how life is in that country.
I think Kevin Bacon, Edward Norton, Christopher Walkin, Adrien Brody, Johnny Depp are good actors. Tom Cruise is good too.
The actors who I think are yum are the actors who I think are good, plus F4, Clint Eastwood, Richard Gere, Luke Wilson, Hugh Grant, Michael Vartan, Harrison Ford, Luke Perry, Orlando Bloom, the guy who played Powder hehe … I think the list is too long. Oh, and Albert Martinez! He’s like wine, the older he gets the better he looks. I love Vic Sotto. Most of my crushes look like him (Takeshi Kaneshiro aka Jin Cheng Wu) hehe. (Trivia: I used to think Roi Vinzon was kinda cute too hahaha)
Had I been a guy I would definitely have a crush on Mandy Moore, Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron, Claudia Schiffer, Monica Bellucci, Sophie Marceau.

Couch potato: Meteor Garden!!!, Friends, CSI, Discovery Channel Crime Night, Anything that’s on Discovery, Anything that has models on the catwalk, Dexter’s Lab, all the cartoons on TV during the 80’s, I used to cry watching Astroboy …

Food for the vocab: I did read a lot of Nancy Drew when I was in grade school. I love Sherlock Holmes and a lot of other detective stories like Agatha Christie and Perry Mason. I did like a few of the required reading from high school and everytime I watch LOTR I feel the urge to read it. Until now though, I am only halfway through The Hobbit.

I got back into reading novels during long waits at stopovers during my Fargo trip.

Things I want/wanted to be: Doctor, Lawyer, Princess, Prince, Singer, Surfer, Sky Diver, Scuba Diver, Action Star, Ultimate Fighting Champion, Wrestler, Synchronized swimmer, Hockey Player, Test Pilot, Astronaut, NASA Engineer, Forensic Scientist, Sherlock Holmes, Microft Holmes, Cashier, F1 race car driver, Stuntman, Circus Charlie, Superhero, Bionic Woman, National Geographics Photographer, Lonely Planet host, Discovery Channel narrator, any one of the cast of Friends, Steve of Voltes V just so I could do the butterfly return, Supermodel, Fashion Designer, Bitchy Fashion Photographer …

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Noee,

    I know this email is long overdue… got held in office stuff and domestic no-one-else-will-do-it-but-me kinda thing.

    Anyway, please tell Jorey how thankful Vin and I for having us around even for just a couple of days. I dropped by his hotel last Monday to get my stuff (my, they’re heavy! and I do understand why he left some of it for his next trip).

    Kumusta? You know, you ARE funny. Just read your blog about the bag and couldn’t help but laugh :).

    Your website is amazing (and so are you!). Although I haven’t gone through all the links yet, I find it very informative and entertaining. Good job :).

    Thank you again for the welcoming us to your home. We enjoyed the food and slept well through the night.


  2. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed your stay with us. 🙂 You’re always welcome in our home and thanks for the magazine! Just what I needed. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I am here to ask permission for using one of your photos in a school project. It is the one of the crowd at trevi fountain. The project will be on a secure school website and is a project about population density in certain countries. Thank you,

  4. Hi Jackie,

    Which exact picture are you referring to? It’s most probably under a creative common license. You can use it for non-profit projects.

    Thanks for visiting my site! 🙂

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