Nespresso Christmas Gift

I finally gave in and let hubby buy me a Nespresso machine.

I am for sure not a coffee connoisseur.  I don’t know what makes a good coffee and I only judge by how my taste buds take it.  I notice some coffee tastes a little more acidic than others but that’s about it.  Don’t ask me about woodsy, nutty, etc.  I have no idea…

But I know for sure too that my taste buds don’t like those instant three-in-one coffee.   So at home, hubby and our helper usually have their own brand of three-in-one, while I have a separate jar of plain black decent instant coffee for myself.  But even that is at most, decent.

I usually prefer plain good brewed black coffee or if I have to have it with milk, I like it as a cappuccino, lots of froth and no sugar.

And for those reasons, hubby has always wanted to get me a coffee machine, while I’ve always resisted his offer because I didn’t think it was worth it.  But yesterday, while at the mall, we chanced by the Nespresso year-end promotion – S$50 off any nespresso machine.

My friend, Grace, has one and swears by it.  We have tried the samples during one of her visits to SG to stock up on her capsules.  I must say, my taste buds liked it.

So yesterday, we got ourselves our own Nespresso Essenza machine.

It came with 16 capsules, one of each coffee type.

I almost had a bad experience with it because when we got home to make our first coffee,  it wasn’t working out of the box.   I had to call Nespresso support because there was no water coming out of the machine but they explained that it was a common occurrence for brand new machines because there was air inside somewhere that had to be pumped out so I just had to keep pressing for coffee until water comes out.  Fortunately, it’s working now and all that bad stuff is almost forgotten because the coffee is just really good.

We also got the Aeroccino so we can have frothy milk.  I can do my cappuccino at home now!

Each capsule is about a dollar, so it’s not exactly cheap (as I was complaining to the Nespresso support.  I mean you spend money on something, you at least expect it to work out of the box!  – good thing they were sport about it).  But the overall experience is worth it because the coffee is good and Nespresso service and support is so far good too.

So today, I went back to the boutique to buy the welcome pack which is 160 capsules for about S$158 sgd with a free container/dispenser.

Nespresso Welcome Pack
Nespresso Welcome Pack

So far I like the Dulsao do Brasil.  I tried the Finezzo to see if I can taste the Bergamot – haha no comment.

But so far so good! I’m looking forward to having great coffee everyday and letting my mom try all the flavors.

Next week I’ll probably come back to the boutique to try the Christmas edition – flavored coffees in vanilla, cherry, or dark chocolate.