Vote for Luke at the Gap Singapore’s Casting Call

Anyone who’s read my blog since I had Luke would say that my blog is no longer Noee’s Nook but has become Luke’s Nook. 

I can’t help it! 

So here’s another Luke post.  I entered him at the Gap Singapore Casting call.  (Yes, I have stage mother tendencies).  I didn’t know until the second casting call that there was one for Singapore.  Just a few posts ago, I was saying how one of the GAP kids reminded me of Luke.

Please vote for Luke through facebook.  All you have to do is:

1.  Search GAP Singapore on Facebook
2.  Like the site.
3.  Click on the Casting call tab.
4.  Allow the application.
5.  Click on Singapore.
6.  Click on “G” and look for Luke under Guzman then vote!

Easy peasy!  Thanks!