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Entries from October 2010

Luke’s New Travel bag

Here’s another one of our online finds: the Okkatots bag.  The feature that got it sold for me was the outside pocket for the DVD which is something most mom’s would think is a good idea.  DVD players are a parent’s best friend if they want to keep their kids occupied – especially during a […]

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Luke goes K-pop

Last week, Luke went for emo with his black leggings, skull shirt and Vans shoes.  This week he went for K-pop – cardigan with no undershirt. Haha.

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More pics of Luke’s leggings

I really find it amusing that Luke is rocking his leggings.  It goes well with his Vans shoes and Umbrella skulls shirt. So here are more pics of him wearing his black one. 

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Not getting any younger

Today, as I was taking a shower, I realized I’m not getting any younger. So even though the New Year is still a few months away, I am making a resolve to make the most out of my 8 hours of work. The rest of my day should be spent making the most out of […]

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Got Luke a pair of leggings

  Luke needed something below the knees to wear when playing outside to protect his legs from scratches but I wanted something lighter than a pair of jogging pants.  So I got Luke a pair of leggings that I saw at Mothercare baby girl’s section.  They’re cute.  1 is plain black and the other has […]

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Raise IQs not Sea Levels

Been wanting to get matching Tom shoes for me and Luke since he was a little baby but I wanted to wait till he can walk and his feet won’t grow out of the shoes that fast.  Well, his feet will still outgrow those shoes in a matter of months but at least he can […]

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Gap Kids

I could be biased.  You know what they say about love being blind – it applies to mothers and lovers.  But to me the Asian baby boy on Gap looks kinda like Luke.  And speaking of GAP kids, can I just say that this kid in the middle knows how to work it!  Hope he […]

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Online shopping

Online shopping is one of my weakness.  I’ve been hooked ever since my first Amazon purchase years back in 2003. I can’t even remember anymore what my first purchase was but I think it was Canon DSLR 350D.  Since then, I’ve bought baller IDs, my Calvin and Hobbes collection, waist girdles, and my first set […]

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