I got a job!

As much as I’d want to stay a housewife forever and focus on my path to domestic Goddess status, I have to face the fact that I’m middle class and I can’t expect hubby to have to solely bear the burden of our survival – though he’s been doing a great job all these years. 

It also makes me guilty whenever I have to tell people that I’m a housewife in expensive Singapore and yet I still have household help.  So even if it pains me to have to leave Luke at home with Lala, I’ve realized that it’s best for me to be more financially productive. 

I know it’s going to be hard at first, both for Luke, Lala, and me.  It’s going to be hard for Luke because he’s so used to me being around and he’s always looking for my presence for his sense of security and comfort.  It’s gonna be hard for me because my greatest fear is that Luke will prefer to be with Lala rather than me if he gets used to me not being around.  Right now I’m his most favorite person even with Lala around.  It’s gonna be hard on Lala because I have a minimum standard of living environment – I always need a clean and orderly house otherwise I get crazy.  It’s hard to do chores and see to Luke at the same time because Luke is very active and I also want someone to interact with him most of the time so he can learn faster.   But I guess we just all need to suck it up because this ultimately will be for everyone’s benefit. 

I’m super blessed to be able to have gotten a job that I find interesting and exciting.  I’m excited about the learning experience but at the same time, I’m a little scared because I’ve been out of the corporate world for more than 3 years.   But I’m grateful because I never thought I could jumpstart my career again.   Thank God for soft skills and power suits.  I kinda thought that I’d have to start from scratch and I wasn’t sure if the pay for those kinds of jobs were worth getting separated from Luke. 

Well my new job is still junior level but it does require my university education (which I never really got to practice since I never really worked in the industry I studied for).  I’ll be joining hubby’s company which is a big MNC.  He submitted my resume but no, he didn’t get me in.  He didn’t say I was his wife and he didn’t know anyone from the department I was applying for.  The company didn’t even realize that my husband was working there until they offered me the job.  The HR lady had to confirm if it was ok for me to work there since hubby was already with the company. 

I think the job is gonna be exciting!  Though I’ve warned hubby that I’m probably going to be more busy than him.  I even made a joke to him about how people in the lower ranks are paid more to follow instructions and do leg work -  brains is just value added as compared to those who earn more because they’re paid to use their brains to make decisions.  

I just want to tell anyone who’s looking for work to take the job application seriously.  The amount of preparation you make would correspond to the odds of you getting that job.  Impression is important!  I had a decent picture attached to my resume.  I guess I looked young in that picture because when  the HR person saw me, she told me that I look different and that based on my picture she didn’t think I’d be able to handle the job because it’d take a strong personality to be able to carry the stress and face the people I need to work with in the project.  Good thing, the hiring manager asked her to talk to me and see for herself.  Well, when we met I was wearing a suit I bought especially for the interview.  While doing research on job interviews, I read about dressing the part – dress like you already got the job and that’s what I did so I got it.  Of course, I did more than that but I think it helped a lot too. 


So wish me luck in my new job!


I think now is the best time to look for a job with the economy starting to recover.  I remember I thought of getting a job in early 2009 but since everyone was cutting costs and laying off people, I figured I’d wait for the economic recovery so companies would be hiring again.

5 thoughts on “I got a job!”

  1. haha thanks calvs … sayang nga pag weekend na lang ako makakaluto … pero sabi mo nga sa blog mo para makatipid sa kuryente – stop baking haha. saka tumatabi din kasi kami kaka bake ko eh.
    .-= noee´s last blog ..I got a job! =-.

  2. Goodluck Noee! Nakakatuwa yung picture mo, even the pout eh talagang naka workmode-pout. hehehe. Luvhet!

  3. Back to work na si Noee…

    Ma-miss mo yan anak mo… but you’ll get used to it eventually.

    Nag-worry din ako before na baka maging close si Cate more kay yaya than me… pero as long as you spend time with them when you get home may connection pa rin kayo. Balance lang ng work and family time. 🙂

  4. Haha anna di ko sinadya na ganyan muka ko. I think i got stressed from tge interview sa sobrang kaba. Pero syempre nag picture pa din ako hehehe

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