Since we’ve been here, Luke’s been attracting some attention whenever we go out. His picture’s been taken a number of times – some without my permission. Like this one time we were in a bus and the man seated opposite us took out his cellphone and took a picture of Luke. But then I got paranoid. When we got home I wondered if he was taking a picture because he found Luke cute or he wanted to “stomp” us – though for what reason, I can’t think of any. Stomp is a website affiliated with their major daily newspaper where people can post pics or clips of people caught in the act of doing something wrong or some other “newsworthy” events like people eating inside the train, or students littering, etc. It’s kinda funny sometimes what people submit there. It’s been kind of an inside joke for Jor and I whenever we’d cross the street and we’re not on the pedestrian lane. We’d tell ourselves to be quick before someone can take our pic and stomp us.

Luke’s milestones

Though he’s been able to turn sideways for quite some time already. Today was the first time I saw him completely flip over!  But he was lying crosswise in his crib so his little feet got stuck in the gaps between the crib’s rails.  Good job, my love!

Luke grabs his toys

Luke started reaching out for his toys while he was just 2 months old. That’s about the time he was starting to become aware of his hands and always kept staring at his fists to the point of getting cross eyed. He also likes putting his whole hand, sometimes even both of them, inside his mouth. Whenever I show him how I close and open my fists, he’d watch closely and attempt to do the same. During that time when he’d reach out for his toys, his attention span for them was very short. He preferred looking at his RBW flash cards.

Lately I noticed he’s been paying more attention to his toys, especially to the red crab inside his crib. He’s gotten more precise at grabbing too. He practices with his milk bottles because he likes holding his own bottle while feeding.