First time out

It was Z’s bday and we finally got to go out of the house and use his cute stroller! Kids came as their favorite Disney character. I made Luke this cute Prince Charming get up. (I think it can also pass as a Michael Jackson costume 😛 ) He slept through the party though, even with blasting loud music.

1 month

Luke’s a month old.  He can really hold his bottle with his two hands now.  He can also hold his head up during tummy time and shift sides or just look in front.  He hates tummy time and he hates being burped and he lets you know it.  He’s very vocal.  All his actions have sounds.  He can kick himself off any surface and that’s what he does to get himself out of lying on his tummy.

Luke smiling

Here’s a clip of Luke smiling at around 4:30 into the video. After that I thought he was going to give the Blue Steel look but didn’t. 🙁 It was more a Luke Perry look. 🙂

I forgot to mention in the previous post that last week, he’s started watching TV. I’m not sure how clear he sees it but whenever the TVs on, he cranes his neck to watch. So no more dramarama sa hapon lest I want him to have the same taste in shows as his lolo. He also seems to stop whatever he’s occupied with and listen whenever I play the Ponyo japanese theme song on youtube.

Week 4 – 1 day

I’ve noticed Luke having more awake time now.  Yesterday he was able to hold his bottle with both hands and support it for a few seconds!  I was so impressed!  Too bad I didn’t get to take a picture, tsk.  He’s also starting to genuinely smile at people.  Before, I wasn’t sure if he was smiling out of amusement or because of gas but last night I was pretty sure he was smiling at me.  This morning he smiled at his lolo too. He’s also started cooing. He has this look on his face that we call Blue Steel, and hopefully one of these days I get to take a picture of him doing that look.

Time is going by so fast.  He’s getting bigger by the day.  I need to start taking pictures.

I can’t wait till he turns a month old coz that means we can start going out. My mom hasn’t let us out since I gave birth except for check ups.

Week 3 My little Boy Toy

I can’t believe we’re on our third week.  Week 2 was … waaah!   I didn’t get to record that much.  All I can say is he’s attached to me almost 24/7.  Even then, I still have to supplement his milk with formula.  I have one voracious little guy on my hands.  We started out giving him formula through a syringe to avoid nipple confusion but after days of sleepless nights, the heck with nipple confusion, we gave in to the bottle.  He downs that milk like I’ve been starving him.

He’s now some 8+ lbs and giving my arms some much needed workout.

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