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I gave birth to Luke at the Delgado Hospital along Kamuning Rd.  It’s a small maternity hospital with a 72 bed capacity (according to the guy who pushed my wheelchair when we checked out).

If it’s important to you that your husband is with you when you give birth, then this hospital is not for you.  It’s a little old school.  They don’t have birthing rooms like some big hospitals have these days.  So you have labor in a common labor room with other women who’s just about to pop like you.  Because of this, no visitors are allowed inside.

They also only let you see the baby through a nursery window.  So Jorey wasn’t able to touch Luke until the day we checked out.  The reason being the nursery room is sterile and they’re very cautious of the germs that visitors could bring, which makes sense.  You could opt to room in your baby, but then you can’t return her to the nursery.  Your baby’s basically on it’s own from there.

That said, I had a “pleasant” stay with them.  We still spent the same amount had we delivered at St. Luke’s or Asian Hospital.  But for the same price, we had a suite that didn’t remind you that you were in a hospital.  If you’re not too picky, then Delgado Hospital can be even so much more value for money.  The proximity to our house is also oh so convenient.  Everyone was super courteous and friendly – could be because we were in a suite but then again they were like that even before we booked a room.  The staff was checking up on me like every hour.  I’m just thankful and relieved that my stay there didn’t cause me any added stress.

Oh, and did I say Luke is so cute I want to eat him. 🙂

Here are pics of the suite I stayed at:

Receiving Area



Toilet and Bath

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  1. Hi Noee!

    I found your blog while I was searching for reviews about Delgado Hospital. I’m from QC and is considering to give birth in Delgado sometime end of July or early August 2010. May I know who was your OB there and the details of your birthing expenses. Please just email the infos on my email ad.

    Thank you. God bless you and your family.


  2. hi noee! by your blog, i was amazed with how great the facilities of this hospital are! by the way, may i ask how much it cost you? thanks a lot!

  3. Hi Tara,

    The room rate for the suite I got is 8k/night. They have similar suites for 6k/night too. It sounds expensive but if you compare it to the what 6-8k/night will get you in St. Luke’s or Asian Hospital, I think this is value for money especially if your pregnancy is low risk and won’t be needing special equipment for your pregnancy.

    Prices of incidentals like medicines you’re given, bandages you used etc., go up with the type of room you stay at.
    .-= noee´s last blog ..Charice on Singapore Idol =-.

  4. That looks really nice, I’m going to give birth by end of July or early August and I’m really considering this Hospital. My OB gave me a price quote for NSD package which is 40-50k and CS more than 60k I was wondering If you could quote the price that you paid including the room. Thanks!

  5. Hi Stephie,

    The room I stayed at was 8-9k/night if I remember right. But then it’s really a luxury compared to a regular room. I think they have a smaller suite that’s about 6k+/night.

    The price depends also depends on your OB’s and other prof fees. Plus meds get more expensive as you move up the room categories. Plus I gave birth thru CS.

    So I still paid quite a significant amount (significantly much more than the package quoted for you) but if I compare it to having given birth at a regular suite at St. Luke’s or Asian, then I think it’s good value for money.

    But my sister-in-law also gave birth there. It was a normal delivery and she stayed at the smaller suite and if I remember correctly she paid around 50K.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  6. Wow, thanks Noee! Your such a great help 50k is not bad at all given the fact that she stayed in a smaller suite i just hope that everything would be fine until I give birth so that I can deliver normally. Did your sister-in-law gave birth just this year because prices go up real fast each year. Thanks again for your reply!

  7. Hi Noee,

    Im planning on giving birth here in Delgado too since my mom gave birth with me here as well. Pretty much my family trusted this hospital for a long time. Can i just ask you, how much their delivery packages? Im really starting to compute at 4mos as I am also abroad so I need to plan ahead as I am saving and a bit tight on my budget. Thanks!

  8. Hi Susan, I was wondering if you could share the info on where you bouhgt the pint sized milk bottles for the cookie favor and if you remembered how much they were. I loved the idea and wanted to see if it was something I could afford to do for my wedding!

  9. LAW Wells –Thank you; apology accepted. Your revised attitude makes you a welcome commenter here in the future.Civil disagreement is not only acceptable; it is preferable — it makes the conversation more interesting.

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