Relaxation and breathing techniques do not reduce the need for an epidural during childbirth

Here’s an interesting article I came across with about natural birthing techniques.


More than 1,000 mothers-to-be took part in the Swedish trial, thought to be the first significant analysis of the efficacy of such methods in labour.

They attended one of two classes: the first taught natural coping methods, the other emphasised pain relief.

But the BJOG study found no difference in the use of epidurals between the women when they went into labour.

Just over half the women in each group ultimately opted for the spinal analgesia which reduces or eliminates the pain of contractions.


I guess it all just depends on the woman’s threshold for pain.   Continue reading

30 weeks and counting

I still can’t believe I’m going to give birth 8 weeks from now. I still have to get used to the thought of me as a mom. Me? Mom? Exciting and scary. But I’m sure everything is going to be just fine (if I make it through the pain of labor, that is).

Here’s a picture of baby Luke. We’re thinking of changing the spelling to Luc to give it some French flair like my name… just a thought – nothing final yet. Continue reading