23 weeks and counting

Baby’s starting to kick harder and harder. I can sometimes literally see my tummy move when he moves. He’s also starting to get heavier by the day. Each day I feel more and more pregnant and as the big day nears, I think I’m kinda getting anxious about the whole giving birth experience. Will I be able to take the pain? Is he getting enough nutrients from what I’ve been eating? …

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Pictures from our Italy Vacation / Babymoon

I’ve finally uploaded our pictures from our latest trip to Italy on my multiply site.

Before we went to Italy, I’ve been waking up early mornings from feeling so hot even with the air-conditioning on. So I dumbly assumed that my increased body temperature can easily take on Italy’s temperature. Plus I wanted to justify that I needed to pack lightly because we were going to do a lot of moving around and I have to be able to carry my own load. So I just packed a light jacket, and I didn’t even bring jeans (well, that’s because I don’t have jeans that fit me and I haven’t gone shopping for maternity jeans yet.) I was so wrong. It was still freakin cold when we got there specially in Venice. I thought my fingers were going to just drop off.

The plane ride to and from Italy was great.  It wasn’t a full flight so we each had a row to ourselves so we can stretch out.  I could snugly fit in three airline seats, Jorey needed more space than that.  The perks of travelling while your pregnant is you get to skip most of the lines at the airport.

Our jet lag served us well because we woke up early and went out early (and yes braved the cold) so we hardly got caught in the crowds.

We did a LOT of walking. We walked so much that one of Jorey’s socks got holes from too much walking. I, on the other hand, didn’t notice until we got back that I had friction burns on my legs from my boots which I felt served me well until I saw those marks. I’m kinda proud of myself because I was still able to take long walks. The long walks though didn’t keep me from gaining weight. I think my body coped with the temperature by storing fat. Tsk.

We even had to run for the train one time on our way back to Rome from Venice. Those trains didn’t wait for anyone, and we sure didn’t want to waste the 30 Euros we paid for compulsory reservations on top of our Eurail tickets (which is more expensive than budget flights). It was probably a funny picture – there’s this pregnant lady running with her luggage trying to catch the train.

In Rome, we rented an apartment that was located right in the area of the Colosseo. That’s why we have a lot of pictures of it because it’s the first thing we saw when we go out of the apartment. The bed and breakfast we stayed at in Venice was very charming and we’ll surely stay there again when we go back.

We got to see a lot of sights but we still didn’t get to see everything because some days we were busy checking out the flea markets looking for “cheap” Italian shoes for the parents. Cheap, meaning around 40 Euros which translates to about P2500 – well that’s cheap if you compare it to buying the same exact shoe in the store for 100+ Euros (P6000). The same goes for the bags. Quality leather bags go for about 60-100 Euros which is half its price in stores.

We went back to Rome during our last day in Italy and stayed at this cheap 60 Euro/night hotel at the Termini area.  It was a backpacker’s hotel and it was definitely not for the finicky.  The rooms were dimly lit and the lights on the reception hall was flickering (as if there was a ceiling fan blocking the light but there wasn’t).  It was a scene out of a horror movie.  What was funny was the receptionist asked me to put down my age.  I think he thought I was underaged.  I was more comfy sleeping on the plane than in those beds.  I woke up (I hardly even slept at all)  with a sore tailbone because the bed was so used it was sagging in the middle.    Good thing we only stayed there our last night.

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Back from the Eternal City

We’re baack!  Exhausted is the only word I can think of right now.   But we had lots of fun!  Now time to pay the bills … yikes 🙂


I just started downloading our pictures and I realized that I’ve gotten soooo FAT!  At least I could still do all the walking and chasing after trains, though bending over is near impossible.  I can hardly put on socks or zip my boots up.

A few days short of 20 weeks

I wasn’t really intending to buy shop for myself but I wanted to go window shopping at United Square Mall for baby clothes.  United Square is like a shopping mall for all baby stuff.  But I ended up shopping for “preggy” clothes for myself.  I was trying to put off shopping for new clothes because I didn’t really want to buy preggy clothes that look … well … like preggy clothes.  But Jor’s noticed that my normal clothes are starting to look funny on me because I could hardly fit into them.  But the clothes I bought (except for the shorts) aren’t actually for pregnant women but they’re cut in a way that they can accommodate my growing belly.  The good thing is I can wear them even when I’m no longer pregnant.

So here I am at almost 20 weeks, wearing my new score.

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