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Entries from August 2008

My early Christmas Present

Jor just got me a new Canon 40D SLR.  I’m so excited. I’m still getting the hang of the buttons and controls because it’s different than my previous 350D. We were just supposed to get a 450D at the Comex Show but decided to look at other stores thinking they’d be happy to match the […]

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Spanish basketball team racist?

So do you find the photo of the Spanish basketball team racist?  … I dunno… I think I may be missing something.  I actually find it kinda amusing but then again I’m not Chinese. It reminds me of the song “Turning Japanese”.

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Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Did you watch the opening ceremonies?  No wonder they had a major haze problem.  But taken at face value, it was fantastic!  Though it’ll probably leave one helluva giant carbon footprint.

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Zookeeper for a day

My zookeeper attachment at the Singapore Zoo – It was more work than I expected but it was a lot of fun. Zookeeping is not a glamorous job at all and entails a lot of hard work so my hats off to the zookeepers. They really know a lot about the animals they take care […]

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Paris Hilton is funny

Paris Hilton’s response to John McCain’s ad is actually funny. I mean, yeah she’s the butt of a lot of jokes but to be put on a national ad for a presidential campaign as some kind of a punchline is kinda mean.  Likening Obama to Paris or Britney is a little exagg don’t you think? […]

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Wall Sticker

I just put on giant gumamelas (ok, I’m not really sure what these flowers are..) on our wall leading to the kitchen.  It reminded me of grade school days when we used to collect stickers and put them on our sticker books only this time the sticker is taller than me.  It was fun sticking […]

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