We just recently watched this movie Warlords starring Jet Li, Andy Lau, and Takeshi Kaneshiro on DVD.

I wasn’t expecting much from it because there wasn’t a lot of buzz when it came out in the theatres last year.  But I like chinese “kung fu” movies in general plus Andy Lau and Jin Cheng Wu aka Takeshi Kaneshiro, whom I had a big crush on when I was in high school, was there.

High school giddy stuff next, you can skip the next few paragraphs.


This video was what set my day for school because I’d watch Chinese MTV every morning waiting for this video of a song that I didn’t have a clue (until now) as to what the heck he is singing about.  But I watched it soo many times that I never forgot the melody.   This was during the pre-Google days and I didn’t understand any chinese.  And just watching it again after more than a decade still makes me giddy like I’ve been beamed back in high school. The part somewhere at 3:xx where he was wearing a leather jacket ala James Dean (who I also loved back then) is killer.  Haha, how high school!  Most of you probably can’t relate.

(Grace, you have to watch it.  Major blast from the past!)


Ok, got a little carried away there. Sorry, back to the movie.  I liked the movie (not because of Takeshi).  It touches on the conflicts of loyalty, brotherhood, morality, leadership and survival.  And I think both Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro outdid the Hollywood star Jet Li in terms of acting.  Takeshi Kaneshiro’s acting whenever he’s torn between his two brothers is really good.  I felt his dilemma.  I also like the part when he went crazy violent and beheaded an enemy.  His eyes went into crazy-madman-don’t-wanna-get-near-you mode.  And it’s not because I liked Takeshi Kaneshiro when I knew him as Jin Cheng wu.  It was actually his acting that made me reminisce high school days.

Andy Lau as always was impressive.  He didn’t even look like himself at the start of the movie.

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