It’s not just food, it’s science!

I remeber there was a food show in Discovery channel with the same concept only the presenter wasn’t a pretty scientist like Dr. Kiki.  I like her better with her hair tied in a ponytail.  And I like it when she says “It’s not just food, it’s science. It’s science… it’s science…” and does her silly dance.

This episode in particular reminds me so much of our high school chemistry.  I remember making styrofoam models of molecules and glued velcro on them so I can take out molecules from one compound and stick it to another.  Nerd!!! Of course, this was for a project.  I won’t do it out of sheer interest… ok maybe I will.

Keith Floyd

Of all the cooks I’ve watched on Discovery Travel and Living, Keith Floyd is the one who appeals to me the least. In most of his shows, he’s cooking in someone else’s kitchen and most of the time, the chef’s watching him cook have a funny look on their faces that seem like they’re not convinced he knows what he’s doing. On two of the episodes I’ve watched, the chef’s he asked to taste his cooking commented that his dish needs more salt. In other words, it’s bland. And for me, the amount of salt you put in will spell whether your dish is good or not.

My spooky encounter

Last night, or should I say very early this morning, I found my site down so I tried to find out if my host’s server crashed or my site was just suspended. So I decided to visit all my sites and I discovered one of them was displaying a page that was not my index page. I quickly checked my site files to see where the page is coming from but all that’s there is my original index page.
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How can you tell if you love food?

If the bulk of your income goes to your groceries and when you go to the kitchen your pantry and ref is filled with different types of the same thing. I got my grocery skills and my love for cooking and eating from my mother. Well, basically everyone in our family can cook. We just have different areas of interest. Like, for me, I prefer Italian and gourmet. My mom cooks Asian. My brothers are good with steaks and grills. We all love food, and we all get hot tempered when we’re hungry or we’re eating bad tasting food. That’s why we also prefer to eat at home coz we know what we want and we know how to get it.

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