Filipino Food at Lucky Plaza

I was at Lucky Plaza today to remit some money and take advantage of the P28.53 to a S$ 1.00 rate because at the rate the Peso is appreciating, who knows it might go to P27 soon. Huhu kawawa naman kaming (actually si Jor pa lang) mga bagong bayani.

While I was there, I thought I smelled carajay (lechon kawali) so I went up to one of the restaurants (more like carinderia in the mall) in the 4th floor and had late lunch. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any signs of carajay. It might have been on the restaurant one floor up. Yes, I’m one of those who don’t mind eating alone. I had beef caldereta and pakbet tagalog and even though it looked like it had been reheated ten times already, it was actually quite comforting. The beef caldereta tasted like the beef caldereta they served at the canteen in Pisay.

I gained quite a lot of weight when I came home to Manila last Christmas. Right now, I can’t wear my jeans because they don’t fit. I just hope I’ll fit into my bridesmaid’s gown for Rose’s wedding.

My mom has the hots for Gong Yoo (Athur) hehehe

My mom and I got hooked on Coffee Prince while I was in Manila. So I bought the dvd when I got back to Singapore. The thing I dread about watching these dvds, I always end up watching the discs one after the other. I always get a bad headache after.

When I was on the 10th episode, I started wondering why my mom who usually messages me over YM everyday hasn’t done so since I got back. Turns out, Continue reading My mom has the hots for Gong Yoo (Athur) hehehe


Why can’t I have a job like Samantha Brown and go around Europe and get paid while I’m at it. She doesn’t seem to be a seasoned traveller or she pretends to be a first timer to the places she goes to so she can connect with her audience. In the episode where she was in Rome, she said that if you wanted to have electricity in your hotel room, you have to slide your key in the slot by the door like most hotels in Rome. Aren’t most hotels everywhere like that?

I remember writing a letter to Discovery channel back when I was in high school asking what it takes to become a host of Lonely Planet or this other travel show I can’t remember the name.

Oh well, just bored is what I am now.

Oops I did it again

I was minding my own business, eating lunch with Jorey at this hawker place when this auntie who was cleaning the tables told me to use Kao Biore for my face. It’s cheaper than Proactiv but works just as good.

This would make it unsolicited advise number 1456586.

Is there a big “HELP!!!” sign on my forehead?

In fairness to auntie, she did say I was cute that’s why she was giving me advice. Chika!

My inner Mama-san

I keep getting asked by locals to introduce them to my Filipina friends because they want to have a Filipina wife.

The cab driver who brought me from the airport to our place even gave me his number.

So friends, if any of you are interested in dating/marrying a Singaporean guy, I have I can introduce you to a few (seemingly decent men).


Who turned off the main switch???

Before we left Singapore for Manila, I was really conscious about not leaving anything plugged on except for the refrigerator and leaving a light on in our dining area. I didn’t want our house to look deserted on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

But when Jorey got back, he went home and the place was completely dark. The main power switch was turned off. We had a couple of lamb chops and chicken breast in the freezer and when Jorey checked on it, the freezer was full of maggots. Disgusting!!!

It’s so unsettling because I can’t figure out how the main switch would turn off. Even if there was a power trip, I don’t think the main switch should turn off.

Hmm… mysterious.

Am I missing something here?

Anyways, a few lessons/reminders from this experience:

1. Cook your meats well done. Good thing I always do. Imagine, our meat was in the freezer the whole time and maggots still got there. So the maggots must’ve come with the meat.

2. Wash everything before you cook or eat.

3. Use separate chopping boards for the raw meats, the vegetables, and the cooked meat.