For the love of my dying plants

I spent the whole day walking around the whole area of Marina Square and Suntec City Mall trying to find a hardware store where I’ve seen this gadget that water’s your plants automatically.

I couldn’t remeber what the name of the hardware store was, where exactly it was located, or if I was even looking in the correct malls.
I was so exhausted I gobbled down 2 bratwurst with a side of bread and boiled potatoes in gravy and tomato soup.
Thank God I found it eventually. Turns out the hardware store’s name was Home-Fix and it was in that part of Marina Square that I don’t ever go to except for that one time when I saw the Water me. I’m just so happy and relieved that I found it coz I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days and I kept trying to remember where I saw it.

I’m coming home for Christmas and at the state my plants are in, I’m not sure I’m gonna find them alive when I come back if I don’t get this water me. I really hope it works coz I’m going to be upset with myself if I can’t even keep my plants alive.

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