Out of frustration for my acne, I decided to try a liver / gallbladder detox. I think I have tried almost everything. The only remaining theories are hormones and diet.

Most of my pimples are cystic and based on my google research, cystic pimples are a manifestation of some other problem. All of them are on my chin, and I’ve been told a couple of times that according to Chinese medicine it could be because of a digestion problem.

So I decided to try the liver flush and here’s how it works:

I did a couple of research and most of them are basically the same. But I decided to print and go with this one.

If you look at the pictures from the above link, that’s pretty much what I expelled. Though I don’t quite get at first why in all the sites I checked out, they collected these “gallstones” from their excrement. After expelling them, I kinda understood that your curiousity might get the best of you. Plus by the time you’d be expelling them there’s nothing really but water and stones so if you did want to collect them, I suppose you could easily do it.

I would highly recommend you follow the webmaster’s advise and use grapefruit or apple juice instead of water for the Epsom salt solution coz it does NOT taste good. I used grapefruit and I had to take several deep breaths and then drink it in one go or I’ll gag.

I didn’t really eat anything for the day except a glass of apple juice for breakfast in a way it was good coz there wasn’t nothing much to purge but I also got really hungry by dinner it was a test of will power.

Another thing to note is that, I started going to the bathroom from the first glass of Epsom solution I drank. I suppose the purpose of the Epsom solutions is to make sure that by the time you drink the olive oil drink, there’s nothing else in your system. That’s why when you got to the bathroom in the morning, it’s all stones and liquid.

1 cup is equivalent to 250 ml which is more like a glass than a cup. I didn’t take the ornithine capsules coz I have no idea what it is much less where to get it.

I’m not totally convinced that the gallstones are really gallstones basically because I’m not a doctor and I don’t really know what gallstones look like. But it was definitely a good cleansing procedure. I feel light and I would probably do another one after the Holiday season.

As for my cystic pimples, my chin was back to normal the following morning. All of it. Coincidece? Could be.

When I googled for Chinese face reading, I found this face map which suggest that I should have done the kidney cleanse instead. But the Kidney cleanse ingredients are much harder to source out.