Baked herbed salmon on lemon cream pasta

I was thinking of what to cook for dinner today and I remembered I had salmon in the freezer that we need to consume since salmon doesn’t taste good when it’s not fresh. Then I thought what would go nice with salmon besides the usual lemon butter sauce and rice?
I came up with lemon cream pasta. Lemon is always a nice complement to seafood.

As requested my attempt to recall the recipe:

It was kinda spur of the moment when I cooked this and I don’t really take measurements but here is the general recipe.

Boil your pasta with water, salt and oil.

Preparing the salmon:
Brush a piece of foil with butter. Place the salmon fillet on it and rub it with salt. Sprinke with pepper, rosemary, basil, thyme, and a slice of butter. Fold the foil and put in the oven or a pan. It will take more or less just 7 minutes to cook.

For the sauce:
Saute some mushroom in butter. Add in some chicken stock. I did this by adding 2 cups water and 1 chicken cube. Then put in some butter.
Lower the heat and add cream. Let simmer then squeeze about half a lemon. (Everything’s to taste so it’s best to taste the sauce in between squeezing the lemon.)
I didn’t want the sauce to be thick so I just reduced the sauce a little bit but if you want it thick you can add diluted flour.

Finally, toss some pasta in with some sauce then put in a plate. Put the salmon fillet on top. Voila!

9 thoughts on “Baked herbed salmon on lemon cream pasta”

  1. meron kaming smoked salmon. since hindi sya fresh, hindi na ba sya masarap? anong ok na recipe for smoked salmon? naka-pack sa carton kasi yun eh. hindi nilalagay sa ref.

    pwede ka na mag iron chef philippines. kakalabanin mo sila nora daza pati yung babae sa maggi.

  2. hmm… hindi ba nire ref din dapat ang smoked salmon? Malalaman mo naman sa amoy kung ayos pa hehehe.

    Masarap ang smoked salmon sandwich na madaming gulay with mayo or sour cream (and capers! pero di mo ata kinakain yun). hehe

    Ayoko sumali ng iron chef. Gusto ko mag judge!!! 🙂

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    this is the same person who asked to use your picture, i like your blog a lot
    this looks so yummy!

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