Wii finally got one!

After being lethargic for 9 months and building up all that lactic acid inside my system, I got to play tennis, bowling, baseball, and boxing in one day! So guess what, everything hurts. I had to take painkillers the following day just so I could walk around the house. I can feel all my arm muscles and even my obliques.

The first time we played we didn’t really know that you could use the remote with just a flick of the wrist so we went wild like monkeys when we played boxing against each other. It was so funny I should have caught Jorey on video. It would hands down beat Gino’s and Alina’s video of me trying to dance.

We look a lot like our Mii’s, will post a pic soon. We’ve named them NoWii and JoRii hehe.

World Vision Philippines

When I first called up World Vision and told them we wanted to sponsor a child, they asked me what gender I preferred to sponsor. So I asked what gender do people usually sponsor and the person from World Vision said it’s usually the girls that get sponsored. So I decided to sponsor a boy.

Yesterday, I got a letter from World Vision. Inside it was the profile of the kid we are going to sponsor. And what a coincidence that he was from the same province as Jorey is. The little boy is from the parish where Father Mike (the priest who married us) was from.

So we just might get to meet him when we go to Jorey’s province for the Holidays. I think it would be inspiring for that boy to meet Jorey because he would be able to relate to him since they both come from the same province and Jorey also had a simple life growing up. But what matters most is your support system and your own determination to succeed.

Britney’s VMA performance

Poor Britney. Everyone’s criticizing her comeback performance. I wouldn’t say it was sooo bad. Sure she was out of step a lot of times but to me it looks like, if not better than, any other sexy star’s number in Philippine variety shows. Her present body type included. I particularly remember one from Ruffa Gutierrez singing and dancing to U2’s Pride (In the name of love) at GMA supershow. (Hehe it was that painful, I can still remeber it.) So Britney, if you’re US comeback doesn’t take off. You can always go to Manila and you’d still have more talent than most celebrities there.

Telling a story with my new S$25 1.3Mp webcam with night vision

I was waiting for the train at the City Hall station on my way home from the Compex in the Suntec Convention Centre. People with good manners would wait by the side of the doors so that people coming out of the train would have space to exit. So there I was waiting by the door at the side when this guy cut in front of me. Right when the train was arriving a short middle-aged guy (I think he was my height) who reminded me of Ranma 1/2’s Happosai placed himself right infront of the door. Obviously he wanted to get in before even letting people out. The guy who cut in front of me probably couldn’t bear that somebody else cut in front of him so he gave this look to the guy who looked like Happosai.
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How come I have a lot of weird dreams. I keep dreaming of people I do not know and would probably never think about when I’m conscious. Last night I dreamt that Richard Merck forced me to sing a song I didn’t know at a jam-packed concert. Richard Merck??? Whadda? And there’s the nightmare with Julio Diaz. And I’m pretty sure I had another dream starring another celebrity of the same “star quality” between those two. I would understand if I’d seen them somewhere recently or somebody mentioned something – but nooo – they just pop right into my dreams. It’s so weird it could probably rival Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams.
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