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Entries from August 2007

Foodwise, a success!

Since I got back, I got to eat my favorite food: my mom’s Kare-Kare a lot of Sungee ripe mangoes Circles buffet Corned beef and Pinoy chocolate (I call it tsokolate eh) at Antonio’s breakfast – Thanks to Grass! Inihaw and pakbet Ceasar salad with an ultimate mudslide at TGIF Cafe Breton and more breton […]

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Giving back

P450/month is something most of us can spare. If you charge it on your credit card, you probably won’t even notice it. It would equate to more or less one night out with friends on food and booze but for the same amount you can also get to send a Filipino kid to school and […]

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Bags with a cause

By now, everyone probably has Anya Hindmarch’s I’m-not-a-plastic-bag bag which started out as a good idea coz it had an environmental message. But these bags have been selling at very inflated prices it’s just silly. I just hope the peeps who bought the bags at least understand the point of the bag. Then there’s Lauren […]

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Digital vs Analog

This is the weighing scale at the Changi Airport: This is the weighing scale for PAL passengers at Changi:

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I was eyeing this bag on the internet and it got sold out before I could even buy it. It was already on my cart huhu. It happened a few days ago and I can’t get it out of my mind. It had a reasonable price too. I’m not paying (can’t afford is more like […]

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Makati Police on Youtube

On Calv’s tip, I searched for Makati police on You tube and found this. The Makati police has uploaded a set of videos on Youtube to help the public be more aware of the different modus operandi of criminal elements. It’s very informative. For starters, I now know what the Chief looks like. (He’s pretty […]

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Proud to be Filipino

Yeah so you’ve probably watched the dancing Filipino prisoners on Youtube by now. I personally found it funny and entertaining – the dancing and the choice of songs. It’s soo 80′s – Thriller and Radio Gaga? I think a LOT of Filipinos could really relate to the 80′s. I saw that video on an Indian […]

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Mapapailing ka sa sarrrap!

Today i cooked sarabasag – not as good as jorey’s but he’s not around so there. But my fresh mushroom soup is mmm mmm mmm. Napailing ako sa sarrrap parang commercial.

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