My new gadget

I have a new gadget. The panasonic pore cleanser. I saw this a few months back and couldn’t get it out of my mind. I bought it so I can finally find out if it works or not.

Pore cleanser

I’m hoping it would at least get rid of the black heads and help with exfoliation since it looks like the same tool they use for diamond peels.

Can this replace my blackhead extractor?

…This is my queeeest … to follow that star … no matter how hopeless…

Tonight’s Dinner

Spaghetti with Tomato Meat sauce and portabello mushroom
Salad with Roast beef, apple slices and danish brie in vinaigrette dressing. Burp!

The presentation was a bit hurried coz I was already hungry but then again that’s always the case. 😛

Caldereta ni Aling Nena

One time Jorey was craving some midnight meals so I whipped up some caldereta using Aling Nena (or was it Mama Sita?) mix and my handy dandy pressure cooker and voila!

I'm obviously a fan of mushrooms :D

Caldereta mix don’t taste like caldereta in Casa Armas but nevertheless it’s yuh-meh!

Me, Bubuyog sunglasses and Nicole Richie

It’s not that I don’t wear them. It’s just that I mostly wear them on the beach or if it’s really sunny or when I either feel confident I would pull it off without looking like a fashion victim or when I’m not in the mood to care.

I tried really hard not to go Nicole Richie (yeah sure, she could gain a few but how can you not blame her for being so thin if you compare her now pics to her back when she was better known as Paris’ bf) but sadly hindi ko na kaya I caved in and bought a pair of Nicole sunglasses for myself kasi it was on sale at Topshop. Besides, technically most of my other bubuyog sunglasses were not mine but my brothers’ (he buys them at Mango and actually wears them. He also wears skirts. He’s not gay though – it’s a long story.)

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Getting the spray treatment

Since we’ve been here I’ve been fogged regularly every Friday. The first time it happened I woke up to find smoke in our living room and kinda panicked coz I thought the building was on fire.

I suppose all that insecticide is now running through my veins that any dengue carrying mosquito would have sealed her fate if she dared bite me.

This is what our sala looks like on Fridays:
Holy smokes!