Raindrops keep falling on my head…

Before Jorrr left for a week in Germany, he bought me all the magazines he could get his hands on to keep me busy. I was wondering why all the magazines were featuring bikinis and summer stuff like summer’s just about to start when it’s been raining intermittently the last couple of days. So today on my home from Carrefour (had to do some grocery shopping coz Jorr was craving for nilagang bakla este baka), I asked the cab driver if it’s the start of the rainy season. To me it was logical coz rainy season in Manila starts June. But apparently, I should have trusted the magazines. According to the cab driver rainy season starts November till around January.

Blame it on climate change and global warming that I get confused about these things. Let’s all go green living so things will be less confusing!

I think I’m starting to get bored…

…coz my freakin PC crashed. And what am I to do without my internet?!

My PC started acting funny. My local settings were missing. I keep getting a message that Windows recovered from a serious error and it kept rebooting. I saw the blue screen of death. So first I tried to do a system restore, then I did a scan disk and there were a lot of bad sectors found until finally I just decided to reformat and reinstall the OS to make life simple. Nada. I cut my finger trying to bring it to the store I bought it from in Sim Lim only for them to tell me that there’s nothing wrong with my hard drive. But I could’ve sworn I tried everything. Taxi cab to and from Sim Lim – about S$15. Cost for them to tell me there’s nothing wrong with my hard drive – S$10. That’s S$25 (~P750) plus a cut on my finger for nothing!

What annoys me pa (I’ve been there twice for this PC) is that the technicians in that store talks to you like you’re a complete pc ignoramus. Well I’m not! … well not completely. Sometimes I’m tempted to just slap him with my Computer Engineering diploma but I know I shouldn’t coz that would just totally come back to bite me. I’m probably one of the few (I know there are Comp Engs out there like me… i know! i know!) Computer Engineers who has to go to a technician to have his pc fixed. But somehow, after 5 years of college something must have stuck.

So I went back home with a newly formatted hard drive. That should make it easy for me to install the OS, right? Like how hard is it to install the OS? I bet monkeys can do it. Hehe so I found out I’m not a monkey coz my PC’s still dead. Something like cannot copy whatever file…

Good thing Jorey left his laptop with me. A computer with no personal files… nothing for me to do but surf. A laptop that at first could’t connect to the internet even if it’s connected to the wireless network. I had to figure out how to make it work. Then when I started surfing, the computer got infected with this spyware keylogger thingy… ughh! I tried AVG, housecall, lavasoft and they all could detect it but they couldn’t remove it. So I tried Spyware doctor but it would only repair it if you buy a full version. I spent the whole day tinkering with the registry to kick that nasty spyware out. I think I got it cleaned. So far, all the anti-spyware software are giving me a clean bill of computer health.

Despite all that action… I think I’m getting bored. I’m tempted to put all our stuff on auction at ebay. Jor should come home soon or he might be coming home to an empty house.