To do list for Manila

In order or priority:

  1. Visit my dermatologist Dra. Gonong
  2. Visit Lorna at Emphasis
  3. Get a body scrub
  4. Eat Mom’s kare kare
  5. Eat inihaw na liempo with pakbet
  6. Learn how to cook the kind of adobong pusit I like – thick and lotsa ink
  7. Have breakfast at Antonio’s
  8. Have a vesuve/fantastic pinay w/ ice cream and almonds/strawberry shortcrepe at Cafe Breton
  9. Eat choco lava at Goodies and Sweets
  10. Eat capuccino pie at Italianni’s
  11. Eat buffet at Circles or Nielsen’s (so I can have use for our membership) or Triple-V (if all else fails)
  12. Shop at greenhills
  13. Visit Ryan for a color retouch

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