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Entries from April 2007

Nora the Piano playing cat

Click on the image to see how talented this cat is. But can she pee in the toilet like my Patchypoopoo can? She just makes me miss my cats even more. She’s just so amazing. I loove cats. Big or small. They are just beautiful creatures. I’m actually at and have been at a point […]

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Things to bring back to Singapore

Barrio Fiesta bagoong Sinigang Mix Boneless Bangus (?) Stock up on Likas papaya for my chicken pox recovery program Spanish sardines Pork and beans

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To do list for Manila

In order or priority: Visit my dermatologist Dra. Gonong Visit Lorna at Emphasis Get a body scrub Eat Mom’s kare kare Eat inihaw na liempo with pakbet Learn how to cook the kind of adobong pusit I like – thick and lotsa ink Have breakfast at Antonio’s Have a vesuve/fantastic pinay w/ ice cream and […]

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A recipe for dying young…

Adobong Quail eggs: – 1 doz quail eggs – 1 cup water

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Sarabasag, Mango salad, ampalaya salad: My ultimate comfort food!

Jorey is the best caregiver. He has been taking extra good care of me since I got the chicken pox. I haven’t been able to cook meals lately since it can get really hot in our kitchen and it makes me itch so the past few days we’ve been eating delicious take out hawker food. […]

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Earth Day 2007

This is going to be one nerdy entry but I have always been environmentally conscious maybe because my teachers in grade school always included a question in exams about what you can do to save the environment. Early on, my teachers instilled in me that natural resources are exhaustible and we should all do our […]

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Happy Birthday Mom!

I wish you many more healthy years to come. You’ll need it since we aren’t planning on having kids just yet. Mwah!

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French onion soup and penne in creamy tomato sauce

Yesterday’s dinner was french onion soup and spicy sausage on penne pasta in creamy tomato sauce. The pasta was very good actually but the star of the night was the french onion soup. Yummy!!! To think, it was my first try. Next time it’ll be even better. Not all the onions were caramelized. Note: Ideally, […]

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