Malaysia Trip – not so good

View of Petronas from the KL tower taken on a previous tripIt didn’t go quite well as I expected. First, because there was supposed to be a nationwide Grand Prix sale but the malls I’ve been to didn’t look like they were having any major sale at all. Second, the day we were supposed to go to the Eye in Malaysia, I got sick. It’s the third time I’ve been to Malaysia and I either get constipated or get LBM (loose bowel movement, I learned recently that the term “LBM”, like “CR”, is only used in the Philippines). So I was pretty much confined in the hotel since I couldn’t be any more than 100m away from the CR (comfort room). Jorey couldn’t find any medicines so the hotel recommended this chinese herbal pellets that looked like fish food and smelled like an old chinese man.

My LBM got worse the next day because it became LBM and puking and LBM and puking. Imagine having to sit in the toilet, wash your hands, then hug the toilet, then sit again. Eeew, I know! But when you’re sick like that “eew” doesn’t even occur to you. I wonder where I got it from since I’ve been eating mostly hotel food. And in fairness (probably another phrase only used in the Philippines) to Sheraton, Subang, their food was delish. Maybe there’s some herb in Malaysian food that just doesn’t sit well with me. What’s worse was that morning I had to catch my bus ride back to Singapore.

The bus ride back was like eternity. It was full and I was seated next to a very chatty Korean guy (and I thought I was madaldal!). I would’ve probably enjoyed our conversation had I not been sick. He was talking the whole 5 hour-trip and I needed to conserve my energy because I didn’t eat anything at all since the day before so nothing would come out.

He did make a few interesting points though like how Malaysians keep correcting foreigners for pronouncing chicken as /chick-en/ instead of /chick-un/ and how they use top-up for anything that means adding or putting in. My friend Claire was telling me the exact same thing the day before! It was funny. He also said that for him, each country he’s been to have their own specific smell and that the Philippines to him smells like lime and Malaysia smells like detergent which was exactly how our hotel room smells like after housekeeping went through it. The hotel shampoo also smells like the Tide detergent bar with blue crystals.

Sin-KL trip

I took the bus to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore since I didn’t want to spend S$4xx on airfare (and even if I did, I’m a bum with no means). The bus wasn’t bad. I’ve taken a regular bus before when my tita, cousin and I went on a Malacca tour but the bus I took this time was the Aeroline bus.
aeroline bus
The trip was about 5 hours, and I know I said I was going to enjoy the view this time, but I still ended up spending most of the travelling time in dreamland. I couldn’t help it! Anyways, the view was all green and highway, nothing really spectacular. What I liked most about the trip was that it wasn’t full. The seat next to me was empty so I had it all to myself. The seats could be reclined more compared to an airline seat so it was hard to stay awake. Eating though took a bit of skill. Even though, the seats had trays in front like the airline seats, eating on a moving bus was like eating in an airplane during tubulence.

I’m off to Malaysia

I’ve been to Malaysia before and it looks pretty much the same as Manila. Yet I’m somewhat excited coz today I’m going there via the scenic route ie bus (also not the first time but the last time I went by bus I was kinda tired so I slept through the whole trip). It’s also the first time I’d be there with my dslr (yeah right, like it makes a diff). I’m also looking forward to trying the Eye on Malaysia.

Sausage and Eggs

Sausage and Eggs

The menu for today:

Sausage and onions (reduced in red wine), 2 eggs sunny side up, 2 slices bread, and a meal is never complete without your leafy greens and dollop of mustard (I put mustard on almost everything 🙂 )

Me love Ikea

A few posts back, I had a concept in mind for our dining area. I wanted to put up photos of basic food that I use when cooking. Initially, I wanted to take the photos myself but I found this in Ikea and it goes perfectly with my concept!

Basic ingredients
frames sold separately

The only darn thing about it is there was supposed to be 5 different photos (greeting cards actually) in the pack but when I opened them at home I found myself with 2 garlic heads – one of them should have been an artichoke. I have yet to bring my ass back to Ikea and have them replace it. But nevertheless, I love it!

Herb Chicken ala Noee

Since I’ve been a bum, I’ve often found myself subconsciously singing to Johnny Gil’s Half Crazy song (Google it) at that part where the lyrics goes “[You] Know I’ve never been too good at cooking just for one, It’s so lonely here without you darling, Come back home, Coz I’m half-crazy …” because I have found myself often cooking just for one. But I wouldn’t say I’m not that good – maybe tamad, yes.

Today is one of those days. My choices were either go out and buy take out or cook. I didn’t feel like going out today so I rummaged through the freezer and found a healthy looking piece of chicken breast fillet.

This is what I came up with:

Herb Chicken ala Noee
Herb Chicken on a bed of Arugula salad with a dash of Dijon
(and croutons to satisfy my RDA of carbs)

I might sound like patronizing my cooking too much, but this picture doesn’t even give justice to how it tasted. The moment the knife sliced through the chicken I could tell that it was going to be tender juicylicious. I felt a little guilty to wolf it down coz meals like these should be savored. Yuhm-meee!

And this is how it looked like a few mins after before I washed it off with a shot of Baileys on ice:

Herb Chicken ala Na

La dolce vita!